Hi, everybody, it's Peter and this one's gonna be a fun one. In this video, I'm gonna compare two Vespas that really show you what having a Vespa is all about. So this is the, both of these are 50 cc. This is the Vespa pr, uh, the Sprint, excuse me, racing sixties and the Vespa Primavera Touring models. So these are very similar in sort of mechanical things, but there's a number of styling differences just because of Primavera and a sprint. And then there's a number of differences with these specific models that make them pretty cool and also very practical. So I'm looking forward to showing you all about this. But if you wanna know more about Vespa scooters and I don't answer it in this video, make sure you let me know when the comments below because I'll come back to these with future videos. And the reason I can come back to these vehicles over and over again and show you all kinds of vespas, because there's literally dozens of them right around me, right here at a whole bunch more in the other part of our 20,000 square foot showroom here at  Jim Gilbert's Powersports gives me complete access to their vehicle line so that I can answer your questions both in the comment section and in video. 
So make sure you hit subscribe if you're interested in any of these things. And let's get through, let's get going with review. So we're gonna start with this one right here. So one of the things I absolutely love about Vespa is the attention to detail in everything and including in these special editions, these style sort of packages. You just can't get these from any other scooter packages and it's kind of what it means to buy a Vespa, to get something that's unique and something that's special and again, that attention to detail. So first of all, sprint and Primavera. I've done videos in these in the past. The biggest difference with the Primavera is you're gonna have this sort of hexagonal type, uh, uh, headlight here. More of a squared off headlight versus a round headlight. You're gonna have the same thing instead of round mirrors over there, you're gonna have this different sort of shaped mirrors.

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We're gonna get closer up and look at these in the future. And the powertrain is basically the same. What I love about this one is all of this package, as you see it just sort of comes like this and we're gonna come a little closer to see some of the details. But you've got those gold wheels instead of having chrome everywhere, this one's all blacked out. So the grab rail back here is blacked out. The side trims here are blacked out, even around the headlight and a little bit of a sort of, you know, spoiler in front of your instrument cluster is all blacked out. The whole thing just works really well together and it's the kind of thing that doesn't show up great on camera, but it's really visually interesting when you get up close to it. It's just fun to look at. And of course that makes it fun to ride.
It's also very practical. Scooters have tons of storage. You've got undersea storage here, you've got storage in around here and you've got this one here with an extra package that uh, or an extra uh, box in the back that allows you to take all kinds of things. Both of these are lockable. This is lockable, that's lockable and in here. So mix for a very practical motorcycle type thing. And because it's 50 cc here in New Brunswick, if you're 14 years old, you can ride a test and you can ride these if you're 16 years old or older, you can just run this on a regular car license. You don't need a special license to drive

These means. It's an extra way to add a really fun vehicle that's really practical, really fuel efficient and has a lot of style and history. So lemme show you a couple features on this one and then I'm gonna show you the touring model, which is completely different but still has a lot of the same practicality, just a whole different style of and way of doing basically the same thing. So let's show you some of the cool details up front on this one first. So let's start by looking at the shape here. We mentioned that sort of hexagonal, trapezoidal, different shape. It's not around headlight, that's all I know. I should have paid more attention to math class for the exact shape of this. But you've got the black trim here, which from the driver's angle you see more of that black from the front, you see less of it. 
The neck tie down here has some striping that sets it apart. We'll show you that. I wanna show you the lighting as well. Now some of the lighting's gonna be harder to see than others. I'm not sure if the, uh, headlight will skew the camera here. Let's just sort of see, oh, that still works pretty good. So you can see down here in the camera you've got three little lights down here. It doesn't display as well on camera as it does in person here, but these give you some presents. It's kinda like a daytime running light on a modern car. They have kind of that cool look here, the headlight as well, even on this 50 cc model in l e d headlights. So l e d headlights are good for a number of reasons. One, they're very bright, the bulbs last a very, very, very, very long time. 
So you're not looking to replace it or anything like that. But the color is something that people forget. That white color is something that's closer to daylights. When you're driving at night, your eyes are familiar with what you're seeing. It's not just that they're lit up but they're kind of tinted and your brain has to kind of figure out what it sees being this white color. Your eyes really adjust to understanding what you're seeing right away at night and it gives you the feeling of being more confident at night because you can see what you've got. And again, that bright headlight, you're not gonna overdrive the headlight on this, uh, because you can, you know, it's got plenty of light to see where you need to go. Obviously there's a high beam there as well, which works very well. Let's take it around to the dash side and show you some of those features as well. 
Now because this is a 50 cc scooter, you have a speedometer that goes up to 80 kilometers an hour. Now this thing's gonna sit 50 to 60 kilometers an hour for it's driving. For most part you're not gonna see 80 unless you find some way to go crazy downhill. But again, that's the point. That's why you don't need a full license on some of these things. Now one thing the camera is doing is it's correcting a little bit down here. This is actually a little bit more red, which from the driver's seat really makes it kind of match the whole look overall down in there you've got your odometer, your triple odometer and so trip a, trip B and regular odometer as well as a fuel gauge and the clock all, everything you need, nothing you don't. And again, you can see the real Vespa logo in there.

There's some depth to everything here that just makes it look really, really cool. Lemme show you the controls on the left side. On the left side here. Really simple to control. First of all, the brake lever out here is a brake lever on a regular motorcycle. That would be a clutch lever, but the brakes are exactly like a bicycle. So very easy to get used to to adapt to headlight switch there, high beam and low beam signal switch, turn it on, turn it left, cancel it. And the horn is down here in that neck tie that we showed you earlier. That's where the horn is, has a little grill there for the horn. So that's kind of a cool spot to have it. But those are all the simple controls. The other side, you basically have a start switch and brings you through the menu.Let me show you down to the seat now though. So again, this is gonna be a little bit difficult to show but this bike has racing stripes throughout it and Vespa seats, they change with the type of style that they've gone for. So this one's got the white uh, sort of uh, piping along the outside but it matches sort of a racing stripe type look in the feel here. A little bit harder to film but very cool and very interesting to see up front. So again, that theme, that attention to detail carried right through the whole vehicle. So following that, following that racing stripe down here again we've got that stripe on that neck tie. There's your horn grill that we talked about earlier. And then you've got striping down here which adds the gold line here that off centers it a little bit, uh, different than necktie but just again extra attention to detail makes it stand out. And that gold ties it in with the wheels here. So the wheels are pretty cool on most vespas, they're very automotive style. So you've got your disc brake on the opposite side here, we'll show you that suspension in a second. But that allows you to really show off the wheel. And on this racing sixties model, you've got that gold wheel which again tied in through that gold stripe there again, attention to detail. It's just visually interesting. It's super cool and there's a metallic kind of flake to this. So when the sunshine, you really have a kind of a bit of a sparkle to it that just makes it stand out again as something that's visually interesting. Sporty, you know the racing stripes kind of match with this sort of racing style. Look, I should mention the tires as well. A lot of tread on these tires. 

That's something that you don't always see on certain motorcycles. Uh, but these are really good all-weather tires. Let's show you the suspension and brake side just for a second because it is unique on Vespas. So taking a look at the suspension on this, again, everything's on this side here. So this general look is uh, here for a purpose. Basically this helps give you a bit of an anti-D dive suspension. So as you jam on the brakes, it's not gonna really collapse on the uh, suspension like it can on something like a regular motorcycle or on a mountain bike or something like that with the fork tubes on both sides. So there's purpose to this design here as well as giving it some strength. You've got your spring and shock in there, your disc break down there as well. And again, all the business and on this side, all the style on the other side. 
But I still think this is pretty good with style and they can change these uh, springs here as well. And you'll see on the touring we won't have a red one looks, I'm pretty sure I haven't checked but I'm sure we won't have a red one. It'll probably be a black one there. So again, all that style kind of fits in and matches everything. I wanna show you a little bit closer view of this rail here. Again, traditionally on just about every Vespa, this is more of a chrome style rail. Seeing it in black here kind of gives it a whole different look than all the rest of the vespas. But again it fits in with the overall style, the scooter. So super cool the way they went black with that. And then of course this is super practical. Now I'm not gonna show you underneath the seat or in the glove box area in this scooter, we're gonna start looking at the touring model and make some comparisons and we'll open up everything in that one.

So this is the touring model and it's based off the Primavera. Now if you don't know the difference between Primavera and Sprint done other videos to compare it, but basically they're the same basic architecture. There are some styling differences but this model forgetting the Vespa Primavera and the Vespa sprint differences obviously is a totally different look. And that's what it's cool about Vespa is you can have the same basic vehicle look completely different. It's what happens when you evolve a vehicle over decades and decades. So over on this one, again those round mirrors are part of the primavera say with a round headlight, which we'll show you in a second. This one's got a windshield, we'll get you a closer look on that. Gives you a little extra wind protection. Now on this 50 cc model, I don't know that you need the windshield, but when you get up to the 150 cc model, which you can get in this same sort of style here, that will give you some wind protection and those 150 cc models can go up to around a hundred kilometers an hour. 
So that's gonna give you that little bit extra wind protection as you get up to speed. That might be partly style here. And you can see we've still got storage on this one. Now this one isn't lockable storage but it's real leather, it smells like real leather, it feels nice and soft. And you have a storage area here with buckles in the back. We'll show you that as well. Different style seat, a lot more of that chrome that we talked about a little bit more everywhere. That's kind of what they do. So let's just take you look, take you through a couple things that make this one unique as well. And then we're gonna show you the storage which will be identical in both but we'll show you on this vehicle. So starting up top here you can see those round mirrors. Again, they're chrome here. 
The other ones were a different shape because of the sprint versus primavera, but they were also black. Then here's the windshield again, this sticker again just for warning, you could peel it off when you own it, you still have an L e D headlight that functions the exact same way, but this one happens to be round. Instead of sort of making the neck tie the prominent piece like it was on the last model, you have this extra practical little rack here where you can strap things down, you can kind of pin it in place with various things. So you've got an extra way to carry stuff that's within your view instead of something that's behind you. And you can kind of put anything you want on here. A lot of chrome detailing in of course the vehicle. But of course the chrome detailing in the rack here. 
And the primavera has this little extra nub on the top along with the horn grill here, all of which is chrome. So lighting is gonna be the same even though it's a little different shape in the headlight. But the overall look of the front of this is completely different. It adds some practicality, it adds some style and sometimes people don't even use these for carrying anything, they just use it for style. But they are super practical to carry your basics and again, keep them in sight while you're driving. So super cool, look on the front. Let's take a look on the back as well. All right, I'm gonna zoom in and zoom out for a second cuz I wanna show you here the Vespa logo sort of pressed into the back there. So you can see that Vespa logo. Again, attention to detail. The closer you get to these things, the more visually interesting they get. 
And that's really what I love about these Vespas is they're hard to show on camera but when you see them in person they're really interesting. So again, you've got the traditional leather type clasps here that open it up just like this, just like you obviously would open like anything with this type of strap. Again, not the security from theft that the other one would have, but again, a true sort of leather, high quality feeling, uh, area here that can carry everything you need. So I'm gonna leave that open for a second, I'll do that up later. I also wanna move around to the seat here. Let's see if I can do it still in one take. You can sort of see that the seat here, it's not showing perfectly on camera. It might look like it's a little bit black on camera but it's actually a brown leather and we're gonna zoom into that as well right now as we just sort of go carefully here.
There we go. A little bit of brown leather, but you can see the texture in there. Again, it's very much looking black on camera, that's the camera correcting for it. Uh, but it also is very visually interesting because unlike the sort of smooth that one with the racing stripe and the pin striping, this one has stitching and the stitching kind of compliments the rear uh carrier there as well. Uh, the rear bag there. So again, visually interesting everywhere you go that real textured leather feel on this, that just makes it look like a more luxury seat as opposed to a more sporty seat, which we had in the last one. Now let's talk about storage inside. So both these vehicles are gonna be the same inside. All the 50 ccs have a little key hole right here. If you don't see that keyhole on the left side of the vehicle, then you've probably got a one 50 cc version of these. 
And uh, they happen to have a little push button to open it just a little bit fancier as you move up the lineup. But this works perfectly well as you pop that open you can see you'll have your owner's manual in here, which we're just gonna take out for a second. And this is where you can put sort of a three quarter face helmet. There are Vespa helmets that you can buy along with this vehicle if you wanted or you can get it a different style aftermarket. But again, a lot of storage in here compared to other scooters. It's also where your fuel fill is when the seat's down, this is locked. No one can touch your fuel fill, no one can touch your stuff in here. And what people use this area for a lot of time is you can put all your stuff while you're traveling in here and then when you arrive at your destination you can take it out and lock your helmet in there. 

Now there are other ways to lock helmets on here. There's a little tab here and here if you have a helmet with a little D-ring, you can hang the helmet off the outside of the vehicle, lock the little D-ring, uh, in there and still use this for your storage. That's lockable storage as well. And the lockable storage on this touring model matters because your leather bag is not lockable. So you've got options there, uh, again with a lot of space in here and what's kind of cool, if you wanna have some fun, you can take a look at the little dinky engine underneath there by pulling this uh out, by being able to pull that out. It also makes it easier to clean for you. You can just uh, do that wherever you need to. So lots of storage there, but there's one other storage compartment that both these bikes have that is super helpful as well. (14:11)
So the next storage compartment is one you're gonna use quite a bit. It just holds sort of your basics. You have to turn the button, the key here, press it in and that opens up. Now you've got a space down here, there's a little cap in here and that is a U USB port. Hopefully you can see that there a little bit. Let's see if you can take it. Look, yeah, you should be able to see that. Uh, we'll try to show you a better picture if you can't see it. But there is your USB port in there. So this is where you're gonna put things like your phone, your sunglasses, the basics while you travel that you can kind of keep in there all the time. So that USB port is kind of nice because it really allows you to keep your phone charged, have it ready to go wherever you need it. And it's something that people don't really think about, uh, in scooters. And it's the same size on both uh, these areas depending on type

Of scooter, sometimes they have more space on one side than the other, but these one 50 ccs that we're showing you, same size right there. So really convenient space that you can use every day. So the point of this video is to show you some of the cool vespas that are out there because I think a lot of times people forget how customized you can get it right off the factory floor. Each of these is essentially the same thing but they're completely different and appeal to different people. Of course both these are 50 cc, you can get the same body style in one 50 cc, which is gonna allow you to go on those country highways. Those kinds of speed. Both of these take two people, the bigger ones do as well if you wanted at a scooter that can really do anything go on full on regular highways as well.
They have that here as well at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports in both Vespa and other brands as well. And the nice thing is if you get into these and you start liking them, there's a whole bunch of things to like in the pi GIO lineup as well. So Vespa is kind of the premium, it's kind of the luxury version of these scooters. But if you want sort of a little bit more economical version, uh, there's also Pi Gio scooters. And if you're anywhere near Jim Gilbert's PowerSports, you gotta come and see them. It's February right now, there's a showroom full of'em. It's about 20,000 square feet of showroom here and you can see all of these along with the Kawasaki line, pedago, e-bikes and a whole lot more all indoors. And these things are selling right now. I'm in the sold row right here. There's 1, 2, 3, 4, there's several sold vehicles just right within view right here that have been bought just this month. So people are buying these right now and they'll be ready for you for spring. I just bought a motorcycle that'll be ready for spring so you don't have to wait for the season to start to come see them. And again, if you have questions, let me know in the comments and I'll make more videos here as well. So thanks everybody for watching and I hope you enjoyed checking out these scooters with me.

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