Hello there, it's Peter. In this video, we'll be discussing the advantages of commuting to work on an e-bike. Rather than just diving into the technical details, we're going to illustrate the benefits through a story. E-bikes have features that set them apart from standard bicycles, making them better suited for commuting. While the most obvious advantage would be less sweat, there are more personal touches that can be added to make commuting a lot easier. It happens to be World Bike to Work Day, and I believe there are three types of people- those who will bike to work no matter what, those who think biking to work would be nice but impractical for them, and those who have already decided not to bike to work. This video is for those people who fall in the middle category- those who would like to bike to work but do not know if it is right for them. However, they might find that an e-bike, specifically a Pedego e-bike, could work for them. In this video, we shall take a look at three different bikes as examples. Even if some of the examples are not suitable for you, I hope you stick around and listen to what I have to say. There is a vast array of Pedego bikes that can cater to every individual's specific needs. So, grab a snack and a drink and enjoy!

We'll be discussing three bike models today, starting with the Pedego Avenue. While it may not have all the benefits of an e-bike, it's a standard-looking bike that draws newbies in. This model has a few nifty features such as alloy wheels instead of spoked ones and both a front and rear accessory racks.

The Pedego Element is another model we'll be examining. It's slightly more advanced with added perks like pedal assist, making this option great for those looking to upgrade from traditional bikes. And finally, we'll take a look at the shorter height boomerang, which has its own unique features.

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I want to share some basics about e-bikes. They come with a battery, electric motor, and a computer system that determines the functioning. The bikes have a display that helps you track your journey. You can ride an e-bike just like a regular one, but e-bikes offer five levels of power assistance to help you cover more distance with less effort. Level one helps eliminate the extra weight from the motor and battery, giving you the feel of a regular bike. As you move on to levels two and three, you will feel a boost of power when pedaling. Levels four and five offer a significant amount of torque, allowing you to travel at a speed of up to 32 km/h effortlessly. If you're a true cyclist, you might opt for a different motor system, but for the average non-cyclist, a hub motor is the superior option. Its key benefit is a throttle that makes riding e-bikes more enjoyable.

A throttle is crucial to an e-bike's power-assist feature, as it eliminates the need to shift gears. When coming to a stop sign or a stop light, you give it the throttle to power up to max speed and then start pedaling again. This saves you the effort of shifting gears, which is a big plus. Similarly, if you're riding on flat terrain and hit a slight incline, you can use the throttle to push forward without changing your power levels or gears. Using the throttle to negotiate small dips and inclines makes your journey more enjoyable and hassle-free. Want to hear more about how these commuter e-bikes can make your life easier? Stay tuned for our discussion on two more options!

This is the basic display in the pedal lineup, but more advanced displays work the same way. To turn it on, simply hit the power button. It takes just a few seconds to come to life. The display shows the pedal assist system, which you can set to miles or kilometers per hour. The plus and minus buttons adjust the level of assistance you get while pedaling. 

At level zero, the bike is like any regular bicycle. At level six, the throttle is active and you can control your speed with the throttle. The throttle is located on the right side handlebar. The inside of the throttle determines the level of power you get while pedaling.

To optimize your biking experience, adding strength training into your routine is essential.

The smooth transfer of power between gears makes an e-bike effortless to operate, but that's just the beginning of its benefits. Whereas traditional bikes prioritize efficiency and lightness, e-bikes can afford heavier frames and convenient features without sacrificing function. That's why the Pedago bike brand adds weight to create practical models, like the Avenue. Equipped with front and rear racks, this e-bike caters to commuters' needs, allowing them to carry more items with ease. Plus, studies indicate that owning an e-bike leads to more usage than owning a regular one since it provides an enjoyable and practical experience. 

Unsurprisingly, the Pedego Element model is one of the brand's bestsellers. Previously unfamiliar with e-bikes, many customers quickly appreciate their newfound capabilities. In contrast, the Element would fall short if compared to standard bikes.

There are a few downsides to e-bikes, including their fat tires that aren’t very efficient, and smaller wheels that require more pedaling effort. However, a closer inspection reveals that e-bikes have some remarkable advantages as well. For starters, these big, fat tires make it incredibly easy to switch smoothly between pavements, sidewalks, gravel paths, and even grassy terrains. While they do make the bike a bit heavier, the electric motor more than compensates by helping you climb hills with minimal effort. Because the e-bike comes equipped with smaller gears and faster speed gear ratio, you don't have to worry about hill climbing, no matter how heavy the bike is. In fact, e-bikes like these can keep up with larger bikes without breaking a sweat. 

It's important to note that e-bikes in Canada are limited by law to 32 kilometers per hour of assistance. This compact bike comes with a few impressive features that make it an excellent choice no matter where you're headed. Its small wheels are aerodynamic, helping you pick up speed faster, while the gear protector lets you lay it on any side without worry. You don't need to worry about shocks, either, because the fat tires provide enough suspension to keep you steady on uneven terrain. And because you sit more upright while riding it, you'll find it even more comfortable than traditional e-bikes designed for speed and weight optimization. Whether you’re carrying the bike in the back of your SUV or you're navigating rocky hills, this e-bike is practical, comfortable, and up for any adventure.

Let's talk about practicality for a moment. I want to showcase another bike to drive that point home. The Element is one such bike - an electric bike that seems impractical as a regular bike but makes perfect sense. You can add a rack so you can carry stuff to work, and even add a basket on the front for more convenience. But let's say you want a fat tire bike, just not with smaller tires; well, Pedego has got you covered with other options. In fact, different combinations of bike components you'd like or dislike can be found elsewhere in the Pedego lineup.

Now, let's take a look at a more traditional bike. Although, if you pay close attention, you'll notice that this too is a deviation from what's considered ordinary. This one has smaller 24-inch wheels, but you can still get the same frame design with 26-inch wheels. The 24-inch wheels lower the bike's center of gravity, which is a plus point. The boomerang design is noteworthy and features an ultra-low step-through that's well-suited for beginners.

Another cool feature found in other bikes from Pedego is a quick-release handle that adjusts your handlebar height on the fly. If you feel like leaning forward, adjust the handlebar accordingly, or if you want to sit more upright, you can do that too.

This particular bike may be too small for me, but it's great for folks looking for a comfortable position on their bike ride. The relaxed position means your weight falls away from your hands, while your curled-back hands naturally position the handlebar. The seat is wider and comfortable, with a suspension seat post to make your ride cushioned and smooth.

The Pedago e-bike is a futuristic marvel that incorporates a standard rack and hydraulic disc brakes, making it unique among its peers. With the battery located at the back of the rack, it ensures a well-balanced weight distribution, which is vital for maintaining stability and avoiding accidents.

The lightweight wicker baskets with fabric inserts are an innovative addition to improve practicality and style. They can be quickly attached to the rack and carried around with ease. Fenders are also available to render commutes trouble-free even in inclement weather conditions.

The lighting system is integrated into the bike's battery pack, and the lights run as long as you have power in your e-bike. The system comprises of powerful headlights and a massive rear light that ensures optimal visibility and safety.

The Pedego e-bike is geared towards speed and efficiency, and good brakes are imperative for safety. Hydraulic disc brakes are part of the system, ensuring optimal performance even at high speeds. 

All in all, the Pedego e-bike is a luxurious and unconventional choice that ensures speed, comfort, and practicality, making it the perfect ride for any adventure.

One of the biggest advantages to having disc brakes on an e-bike like the Pedago model is the consistency you can expect in the braking process. Unlike traditional cable-based brakes, these disc brakes don't stretch over time, ensuring a more predictable feel and stronger pull.

In addition to the benefit of consistent braking, Pedago e-bikes are also praised for their comfort and rideability, allowing riders to explore new neighborhoods with ease. Even riders who would typically shy away from long or hilly rides have found that their Pedego e-bike lets them keep pace with the "spandex crowd," all while wearing comfortable clothes and taking in the sights at a more leisurely pace.

So, whether you're looking for an easy and environmentally-friendly commuter option, or just want to have more fun on your weekend rides, the Pedego e-bike is definitely worth checking out.

E-bikes can be a gamechanger for those looking for a comfortable, practical and enjoyable ride. Adding big, comfy seats and adjustable suspension seat posts can go a long way in enhancing the experience, not to mention the convenience of a quick-release stem. Pedego leads the pack in this industry, with their line of bikes and specially designed accessories that cater to every need.

But before you make a purchase, it's important to do your research. Don't go for a cheap model from a big-box store, as you're likely to face issues with replacement parts and repairs. Instead, invest in a reputable brand and dealer who can offer the support and care you need. Jim Gilbert's PowerSports in Fredericton New Brunswick is a great place to start, with demo bikes you can try before you buy.

The beauty of an e-bike lies in its versatility. Whether you're commuting to work or out exploring new trails, there are endless possibilities. With Pedego, you can even customize your ride with accessories like child carriers, phone mounts, and bags designed to fit their bikes perfectly.

So if you're ready to experience a whole new level of cycling, consider an e-bike from Pedego.

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