Hi everybody, it's Peter, and in this video I'm gonna compare some of the differences between the Liberty S 50 cc and the Liberty S 150 cc and they are very, very similar. So part of this video is gonna talk about what it's like to live with these scooters. Now, I did a video recently on what it's like to live with a Vespa. We're gonna do the same type of video on these because there are some differences between the engine sizes, some differences in features and stuff that may make a difference to how you use them. So if you have questions, there's no way I'll answer every question that you could possibly have in this video. But if you do have questions, make sure you hit subscribe and let me know in the comments below what you want to know about these vehicles. And I'll come back to you in the comments and in future videos to make sure I answer your questions.

And I can do that because here at Jim Gilbert's Power Sports, they give me complete access to the entire Piaggio, Vespa lineup. So I can come back to these again and again to make sure we answer your questions. Now let's get into the review. So before I show you the specific differences between these two, let's just talk generally about a 50 cc and a one 50 cc. Obviously three times the engine size, in some cases, uh, that doesn't translate into three times the power, but in this one it's uh, depending on the specs you look at, it could be almost three times the power. Really, that is a huge difference in how you're gonna use these scooters. Now in some places, in some provinces you can get a scooter license on the 50 cc as young as 14 years old. 

In other places, including here, you can drive a 50 cc with just a car license. However, if you wanna step up to a one 50, you generally need to wait till you're 16 and you generally need to have some level of motorcycle license to be able to drive that. Now, one thing that's interesting to me is the 150 CC Piaggio Liberty here is actually less expensive than the Vespa 50 cc and they share engines. So if you are sitting there and saying, well, I want to save some money, there's an option to move to a one 50 cc, spend some money on the uh, licensing and actually have more practicality, even if you didn't want to get that motorcycle license initially. So the one 50 cc is definitely gonna do more for you. But again, there are some advantages to the 50 cc in just simplicity of various things.

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The other thing that we should talk about is fuel mileage. Both of these get exceptional mileage. Obviously the 50 cc gets better mileage. However, I wanna do a test and maybe I'll do this next coming summer. We're filming this in the winter, but I wanna do a mileage test because I think if you drove this thing around at 50 cc or at 50 cc speeds, you know in town speeds, you're not gonna be a whole lot, um, worse off than you would be driving this one. This one because it can only go so fast. Uh, you know, it obviously has a limited top speed and therefore uses little fuel. This one can go faster and therefore uses more fuel. But I do think that if you drove this around at slower speeds, this one 50 cc engine isn't gonna be maxed out and it might return fairly similar mileage when you're going fairly similar speeds. So that's just one thing to keep in mind.

The other thing we're gonna talk about with these scooters is they have larger wheels. Now, in the past, I've probably neglected to mention this, this is a 16 inch wheel up front on something like a Vespa, it's a 12 inch wheel. One thing to keep in mind is there is a 14 inch wheel in the back. So only the front wheel is very large. The rear wheel is slightly larger than a Vespa, but there are, they are different size wheels and on a Vespa they would be 12 and 12 for most of those. So just something to keep in mind, let's take a look at the 50 cc and the one 50 and look at a couple differences that'll help you point out the differences when you're looking at them. And then we're gonna talk into using these scooters and living with them. Alright, so the biggest difference between these is obviously that motor and drive train. 
I have the 50 cc sitting right here and the one 50 cc sitting right there in the background there. Couple things you're gonna notice. First of all, if you see this piag GIO circular type thing, that is your 50 cc. If you see that more oval with a piag GIO in the black there on the uh, panel in there, that is the one 50. So you'll notice a couple differences in suspension as well. This one has a lot of coils here that are really tight together. And then a longer spring, that one has a few little coils that are tight together. Longer spring they are variable rate springs and different weights allow different things. So the suspension is tuned for the weight of each uh, vehicle. But that's pretty much the only difference other than the speedometer. There is a difference on mufflers on these. 
Uh, one has a, uh, chrome cover, which we'll show you just in a second. I'm not sure if that's a 2023 versus 2022 because that's what we're looking at here. This is a 2023, that's a 2022. It might also be a 50 cc versus one 50 cc difference. Let's just show you that right now. So taking a look at the opposite side here, we've got the 50 cc over here, the one 50 cc right there, different mufflers, different uh, shield on that muffler anyways as well. And that's about it. Let's look at the speedometer cuz that's the other thing to keep in mind. And then we'll talk about a safety difference between these two as well. So we're looking at the Liberty 50 right now. I'm just gonna turn the key on and the biggest difference is just where the speedometer ends. This one goes to 80 kilometers an hour. 

Now keep in mind just like your vehicle, just because the speedometer goes that high doesn't mean the vehicle will go that speed. So this one's gonna sit there in that 60 ish kilometer an hour range, uh, for a lot of people at the 50 cc. So it's an in-town bike that can get you anywhere you need to go. Uh, as far as warning lights, you'll notice there's no warning lights on right here. Let's jump across to the one 50 and you're gonna see a key difference. So looking at the one 50, obviously that speedometer goes up to about 140 kilometers an hour. So checking the dash, you can sort of see which model this is. And again, this one's not gonna go one 40, but in that a hundred kilometer an hour range is no problem. That does make it highway capable, highway legal in most places. But really what this does is open up the secondary highways to go just about anywhere. And there are very few places you can't get to on those secondary highways, meaning that this bike can legitimately take you everywhere without having to take a whole lot of detour. So let's just turn the key on for a second. We'll

Talk, talk about one more little thing. You'll see all those warning lights will turn off. Uh, actually that oil light's gonna stay on for us. Let's just turn the signals off. There we go. That, uh, oil light is staying on just because I haven't started it. Now you're gonna notice that abs light blinking in the left side. Now if you're used to a car, any blinking light is usually a very bad thing. This is not a bad thing at all. When this scooter is stopped, it's letting you know, hey, the abs is here but I'm not reading anything. As soon as you get rolling a few kilometers an hour, a few miles per hour, uh, that abs light will turn out. That actually tells you that the abs is working and it's looking for that wheel sensor. Don't know why they do this. It's uh, sort of counterintuitive but it's fine. 

But this bike on the one 50 cc has front wheel abs. Now if you wonder why front wheel over rear wheel, it's probably a cost cutting type thing. Uh, but simplicity's sake for a bike that goes this kinds of speed, the front wheel is the one that's gonna throw you down if it locks up. So that's gonna keep that front wheel from locking up. Uh, your rear wheel technically can lock up, but usually you don't end up going down when that happens. So abs is pretty rare in scooters and it does have that front wheel abs uh, which makes it safe. And again, if you want that, you're only gonna get that on the one 50. Now the other thing to keep in mind is that 50 cc isn't going the highway speed. So you're, when you're jamming on the brake at a 50 cc, you're not, uh, you know, gonna come down from such a high speed.So having abs is, uh, important for a higher speed vehicle. And this one does have it. So that's nice to have and then again, makes a difference in your safety. Take a look at the controls on this bike. You've got standard motorcycle fare over here. Your high or your headlights are always on. So if you want to turn your flash to pass, in other words, you're like high beam, just blink it. Uh, you can tap that to blink it. If you wanna lock it on, you can do that as well. You've got your signal lights, which you're gonna press left or right to signal. You're gonna press it in to cancel the signal because they don't have self cancelling signals on scooters. And uh, you also have the horn down here and then a little trunk release button which pops your seat. We're gonna show you the trunk in a second. 
Lemme just show you the right side as well. And we'll show you the controls over there. Over on the right side, this is not a button that is just a label telling you that it's your front wheel abs and it is on the right side because that is your front brake. You can't see it on the angle I'm filming, but my brake lever there is my front brake. You, there's no foot brake on these, uh, motorcycles and scooters. They have a separate break for the, uh, front and rear, usually on a motorcycle. Your right side foot is your rear brake. On this one it is the handle on the left side. So there's a hand brake just like a bicycle, uh, on the left side for your rear brake. You've got a kill switch down here, which just, uh, can turn the engine off, kill the power, you've gotta starter right there.
So when you turn the key, instead of turning the key to start the car or start the scooter, you're gonna use this uh, button here to press that in. That turns over, the engine starts it up, it's very quiet. And then the mode button here just cycles between your odometer, your trip A and your trip B. So same controls on both bikes. You won't see this labeled as front abs on the 50 cc models only on the one 50. So we're gonna press the button on the handlebars here that releases the trunk. You may have heard a click there, maybe not because I'm micd up. The bike is not, it releases the trunk. I'm gonna turn the steering wheel completely straight so we can get full opening of that, uh, uh, seat there. And this is what you have under the seat storage. So right now we have a manual in here. 

If you have a three quarter face helmet, you could easily fit that in there. If you have a full face helmet, you're probably not going to. Now one thing that's interesting between Vespa and Paggio, the Vespa and Paggio, uh, or sorry, the Vespa at one 50 cc and 50 cc actually has a little bit different tray in here. The 50 cc has a little bit more room. Even though these share power trains between ves and Paggio, it's the same size bucket, whether it's 50 cc or one 50 cc in the Piaz gio. So just something to keep in mind. Doesn't really matter which one you buy. They have the same storage there. Now if you wanted a full face helmet, again, this bike is capable of around a hundred kilometers an hour or so. If you wanted to take a full face helmet, let me show you a little, uh, spot where you can take up to two full face helmets, secure them to the bike and not have to worry about them being in here. 
So again, lots of storage when you're traveling, all your stuff is in here. If you have a three quarter face helmet or half face helmet, um, when you're parked, you can put in here. But a full face helmet has a special spot. We're gonna show you that right now. So just so you get your bearings of where we are, the uh, storage area that we were just looking at is in the back there. The fuel fill was in the front of that. It's still there. There's a little post right there and there's a little post right there. If you have a helmet with D-rings, which most helmets come with, you can secure that d-ring over that little post and hang the helmet on the side of the seat on the front side. When you close this seat down, uh, that will lock that D ring on there. 
So you do have the ability, the ability to secure a full face helmet sitting on the outside. People can still see it and they could touch it if they want to, but it would be very difficult to steal because the D ring is hooked over there and it's hanging on the side. So it, there is an option to take two full face helmets and not have to fill up your storage. So you could keep that locked for other things. And I should point out again, these seats are lockable and they stay locked when you're away from the vehicles. So you got your storage secured and your helmets could stay on there as well. Another storage option that we don't always talk about is sitting back here. You have these hand grips which are for the passenger to hold onto if they wanted to, but you can also strap things there and a little bit of a luggage area back here, which you can get accessories to hold a case which could hold a full face helmet as well. 

There's two other little luggage spaces I wanna show you. Let's look at them right now. So these pi GIO scooters have a little bag hook right here. Now, in my opinion, this is better than the one on the Vespa. On the Vespa, it comes out of the front of the seat and it just has sort of a hook that comes up. This one has a piece that removes here. Let's see if we can see it clearly on camera there. It's at the top of your screen, so maybe we'll just move a little bit closer here for you. But it has a little hook here that you can sort of pull away. And when you put a bag in there, it will secure it and it can sit there on a flat floor. The Vespas don't have the flat floor and that's because of the way the frame is designed in this compared to a Vespa, there are different frames and that allows you to secure something in here and put your legs in either side of it and then you can carry another backpack or something like that, but not have it on your backpack or not have it on your back. 

You can also carry grocery bags, those kind of things have them secured between your legs, but hooked into here, just like that and in, and if you don't want that there, it hides away. Now let's take a look at the little, uh, glove compartment here, which we're gonna turn the key. Actually not turn the key, it was already in the right spot. We're gonna press it in. And there you go. Little glove compartment. So this is something you're gonna use pretty much every day. You're gonna put your wall in there, your phone and other kinds of things. You can get an accessory if you want to help charge your phone in here. So it can be both charged or it can be, um, just as it is comes without a charger and just a place to stut your phone. The nice thing about this is even on the one 50 and 50, it's identical. 
You have this spot, same identical spot on both sides here, which makes it a little easier to store your stuff. So the other thing with the liberty is whether you get the 50 cc or the one 50 cc, you can take a passenger. It's the same size seats and they're very roomy seats, especially compared to something like a regular motorcycle. You've got plenty of space to take two people. Now the nice thing about the liberties is they have these fold out foot pegs compared to something like a Vespa. The Vespa foot pegs is kind of part of the floorboard and your heel sits inside, uh, against the body work. These sit you outside so you have plenty of room and a little bit more comfort for your passenger to have their foot peg there. Now of course, a one 50 cc will allow you to take that second passenger at speed both through town and around. 

Uh, weight is a contributing factor factor when you drive these power to weight ratio matters. So the 50 cc, you're not gonna be taking passengers everywhere and that's another reason to consider the one 50. If you have to take passengers around, uh, even if you're only going in town speeds, the one 50 cc gives you significantly more power to do that. Lighting is supposed to be the same between these vehicles and it's difficult to film here. But there is some L e D lighting down here, which does a very good job of shining sideways as well. Now what's interesting is this is set to on but not running and the headlight is off. This is a 2022 model. This one's a 2023, this one's the 50 cc. It is set to on and the exact same thing, but the headlight is on. I don't know if that's a difference between the one 50 cc and the, or sort of the 50 and the one 50. 
I have a feeling it's a model year thing because I would think the one 50 would have it on as well, but I'm just guessing here. But lighting is the same on them front and rear signals and everything else. So same thing for safety. The other thing is the mirrors. Same thing as well. Both of them are wide angles. So they say objects and mirror closer, they appear. Usually you see that on the right side of your car. It's both sides on the scooters here. So let's talk about who these scooters are for. Well, first of all, I'm about six feet tall. This is on the center stand. The rear wheel is off the ground, but you can see I can easily reach here if you're shorter, you don't have to

Stand across. You can pull it off the center stand. It'll drop down significantly. Whether you're short or tall, you're going to fit on these. I mean, people much taller than me easily fit on these short People are very comfortable as well. So the real difference between them comes down to how you wanna ride. And in often cases it depends on certain licensing requirements. Like we said, if you don't want to get a motorcycle license, there are plenty of areas including here in New Brunswick where a 14 year old can ride this 50 cc where they can't ride that. You also can ride this on a car license in some places like here in New Brunswick, whereas you need a motorcycle license or some version of a motorcycle license for that. However, given the cost of these compared to competitive scooters, and like I said, even compared to the Vespas, which share a powertrain with these, these are much less expensive. 
And that means that if you're just purely looking at things from a cost perspective, some people can get into this vehicle for cheaper than the Vespa and you may even be able to fit some licensing costs into that. And this opens it up. So my advice is if you can spring for the one 50, you will get more value out of this bike because you can use it in more places, which is probably something that you're gonna use to save gas over your other vehicle, or it's gonna allow you to go more places and be, have some more freedom. This one is perfectly good to do everything you need to do around town. And like I said, the lack of licensing or certain types of licensing requirements does make it a very good option. And part of what's fun about a 50 cc is trying to find out where you can go. 

I used to own a small scooter myself and I could go everywhere. It just, I had to find a creative route to go there. So that's kind of the differences between these two. If I didn't cover some of the things that you wanna know, I'm gonna be making a whole bunch more videos, even on the exact same scooters if you want. So I wanna thank Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals for giving me access to their vehicles. But let me know in the comments below what you want to know so I can come back to it because that's what we do here. We're trying to build a little community of getting answers that you need to these things. And again, if you wanna see these in person, even though it's sitting here in December, right now, we have all kinds of Piaggio scooters, Vespa scooters and motorcycles, all kinds of things here at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports. Make sure you come here, check 'em out for yourself. If you don't want any pressure from a salesperson, no problem. You can just come check 'em out. They'll tell you what the things you need to know about them. It's a great place here. It's known as Canada's huggable car dealer, Canada's huggable Powersports dealer. They really take care of their customers. Thanks everybody for watching.

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