The first ever Review on the All New Pedego Electric Avenue

Oh, we gonna bike on down with our Electric Avenue 

Because they are more affordable

Oh, we gonna bike on up with our Electric Avenue

Because they will go faster 

Oh we gonna bike all over with our Electric Avenue

Because they will go further

OH we gonna hear what Peter has to say about our Pedego Electric Avenue..

(Pedego it in the night) we got a light on our  Electric Avenue

(Pedego it, across the trails) we gonna bike on down with our Electric Avenue

(Whoa, Berry Pink one, 

And they got a Crocodile Green

Oh, and a black one... 

Oh, we gonna bike on up with our Electric Avenue

Out on a Slate gray one

Out on a Ocean Teal one

Out on a Blizzard White one

Oh we gonna be crossing all over town on Our Pedego Electric Avenue

The new Pedego Avenue electric bike is simplicity electrified!

The Pedego Avenue is simplicity itself. Its minimalist design has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The Avenue electric bike is the ultimate commuter bike, built for the pavement, built for fun. Whether you’re touring downtown city streets or in a hilly town, the Avenue is versatile and an absolute pleasure to ride. The 28” wheels and slightly wider tires allow you glide along with a reassuring grip on the road.


The Avenue rides like a dream because that’s exactly what it is – a dream come true. Pedego Chief Product Officer, Paul Auclair, had a vision for a value-price bike without compromises – one that was fast, lightweight, and practical for everyday use. After more than a decade of development and countless iterations, the Avenue is all of those things and much more.


It’s impossible to put into words how good it feels to ride the Avenue. You just have to ride one and see for yourself. It will completely change the way you think about cycling, opening up an all-new avenue for fun and adventure.


The Avenue empowers you to go farther and faster. The state-of-the-art 500 watt motor achieves an ideal balance between power and efficiency. The high-tech battery is both lightweight and long-lasting. Together, they set the standard for real-world performance.

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