Hi everybody it's Peter and this is the Pedego Latch. This is Pedego fold up bike and it's really good compared to several other fold up bikes and several other electrified bikes. It kind of stands out in its class and we're gonna go through it in detail in this video. And I want to thank Jim Gilbert's Power Sports,  because they give me complete access to the Pedego lineup. So if you have any questions about this bike that maybe I don't answer in this video or anything in the Pedego lineup, feel free to ask me in the comments and I get to come back to this and make more videos to answer both in the comments and in future videos. So let's get going with the review. So the first thing we're gonna do with a fold up bike is I'm gonna unfold it.
From here you can watch Peters Video or Read What he says the choice is your enjoy... this is a great review ether way...

Now, to be fair, this could be folded a little bit more compact, but I have had no practice doing this and I have not read the owner's manual because I wanna show you how simple it can be. Now this might be a mistake, it may not go well, but let's start with how simple it is. So the first thing is the front wheel is actually latched to the back wheels. You're gonna kind of pop that out. You're gonna hear that little bit of noise there and we're gonna raise this out over here, which seems a little awkward at first, but it's not so bad. Put this clip in like this. Super simple. The frame is now latched and locked. There's a little latch in there. Put the handlebars up. This is latched and locked as well. I'm gonna flip this around so I get my brakes sort of where I want them. 

That is latched and locked as well. And then the bike was sitting on the seatpost there. We're gonna raise that seatpost up so it could be used by an adult. Gonna put there for now you're basically done pedals as well. Gonna stretch them out like that and like this and we're good to ride. That's pretty simple. So let's take a look at the details of this bike that make it a standout, both as an electric bike and as a fold up bike and frankly just as a bike in general. So if you're gonna make a great fold up bike, forgetting about electrifying it, you have to have smaller wheels. And these wheels are decently smaller. They're about 20 inches or so and yeah, 20 inches by two inches wide. So they give you good width for a little bit of shock absorption. They have fenders built in and this e-bike has a front motor. 

We're gonna talk about that in a second. You've also got, when you electrify a bike, you've got some cable routing issues you need to worry about. First of all, all these quick disconnects are there. So if you ever have problems with this bike, you can replace pieces and parts. And of course pedago has a lineup of dealers that is really extensive and a lot of these are just sort of plug and play parts. You've also got all your cable routing done here together, which means you don't have to worry about cables getting stuck on things when you fold this up and throw it into a compartment or a closet or wherever you're gonna use it. So that's really well done as well. We're gonna talk a little bit more about the belt drive here and how that works with your gearing back here in a second. 

But overall, the frame size, you can see this easily fits in adult, it's up to my hips. You can sort of, you know, gentle step over height there a lot of strength here. This clasp is really easy. Sometimes these clasps can be difficult on fold up bikes. You wanna wanna make sure that they are both secure but also easy to use. And that's what this is down here. The pedals nice and simple. They do fold up so they give you a little bit less width when it's folded. The seed is very comfortable and of course you can always upgrade that with pedago. And then the battery pack, you really wanna protect a battery pack in an e-bike, especially a folding E-bike. And it's built into the frame here, nice and protected. There's two different battery sizes you can get so you can choose which model you want to give you a little bit extra range, uh, equal power as far as output, but one's gonna have more range. 

So let's talk about a few of the things that talk about the e-bike side of this and how this works really, really well. So every e-bike needs a good controller. And this is frankly where a lot of e-bikes go wrong. They put in a controller and it's complicated and hard to use. So this one is simple. It's currently set to miles per hour in Canada here we would send it to kilometers per hour, but you can sort of see what you've got down here is your total mileage and that one's a trip meter right now. But we can change that to other things. This is your battery. So this is how much uh, life is in your battery there, so no issues there. And your miles per hour over here, there's a bar graph, you can see one bar right now. But that bar graph will build to show you how much electric power you're using so you get a sense of your efficiency and overall you know how much power you're using there. 

And then this is your key piece right here. Pedal assist. P A s is pedal assist uh, systems. So what you have to start is you can start with level zero, level zero, you can bike this like a regular bicycle. There's no extra power, no nothing. As soon as you go to level one, you now have a two-wheel drive bicycle on this, which makes a ton of sense. We'll talk about that in a second. As you pedal and pedal assist one, this is the lowest level of assist. So again, you're gonna be spinning your pedals and it will sense that you're spinning and when it does, it's gonna start giving you a low level of power, which spins the front wheel in this case. So it's assisting you, the front wheel is assisting you while you're pedaling the rear wheel. Level two, level three, level four, and level five are all the exact same thing with just more power. 

So you've got more and more and more and more power, which is really helpful. If you go to level six, you're still pedaling the bike as if it's level zero. So there's no pedal assist at all, but pedal assist or sorry level six allows you to use the throttle, which we're gonna talk about in a second, why you would use that, how you would use that. Uh, but this allows no pedal assistance. So you can certainly exercise all you want, but you can still use the throttle over hills or over other things where you may want a little extra assistance just short term. So lots of options there and really easy to use at a quick glance you can tell what's going on. And then this bike has three speeds for gears, it's a grip shift. Over here you've got level one, level two, and uh, level three, three gears. That's all you need. Simple, simple stuff. Let's show you that throttle, we'll talk about how that works. So your throttle is on your right hand side and it's just like a motorcycle, but it's not the complete throttle. So this here does not move. This sort of pedago labeled uh, area doesn't move. You can just keep your hand there no problem. It's just the inside
Piece when you turn It there. And I'm gonna turn the pedal assist off right now. Uh, so the actual assist, whoops, didn't turn it off at all.
Let's put it to level six. There we go. There we go. Level zero trying that again let's turn it over here. So now when I spin, nothing happens, but you can see anytime I spin that you can gradually apply that electric motor to as much or as little as you need. Now you can use this on any level. So let's say you have it on pedal assist one, which is all the assistance you need on level ground, but you hit a little bit of an incline instead of having to change the pedal assist through the buttons, you can just gradually give your bicycle a little bit more power and gradually bike it off without having to change the pedal assist at all. A throttle is a really important piece. It also allows you to stop at a stoplight in a higher gear. If it's a little too heavy to get going, you can use this to get going and you won't have to switch gears as much, which is kind of nice.

So now let's talk about the drive train of this bike. And it's actually very, very interesting. You've got a couple things that are really good. So first of all, like I said, the internal gears in here, uh, they're in the hubs. You've got three speeds, that's all you need. Low, medium, and high gear inside the hub there. The benefit of this is there's no maintenance and no grease in there or no grease that can be touched by you, which means that when you're folding this up you can stick it anywhere and you've got no problem. Now if it has the internal gearing pedago went forward and thought, hey, if you're folding this bike up, you might be leaning against it, touching it. So now you have a belt drive. Belt drives are used on motorcycles that are quieter. They last a long, long time and there's no grease there either. 

So as you're folding the bike up, if your pant leg touches that or if whatever else touches that, you don't have to worry about getting grease on there. And again, there's no maintenance there which is really, really smart. Now they step up the smart again because this is a two-wheel drive bicycle. So if you think about an electric motor, electric motors have a lot of torque and if you're on a slippery area, this wheel can spin when you give it too much torque. But what's nice about this is you're balancing the torque between two wheels. So instead of like a sports car where you put a lot of torque on the rear wheel and you can spin out a little bit on a low traction surface, you're putting some torque to this wheel with your pedals and you're putting the rest of the torque to the front wheel with your throttle or with a pedal assist. 

And that means you have a two-wheel drive bicycle that helps you with traction in certain situations. So really smart design here to have internal gearing, the uh, maintenance free and grease free belt drive and then moving that electric motor to the front wheel, which still senses the pedalling the same way of rear motor would, but it allows you to have that two-wheel drive bicycle, which is kind of ingenious for this type of bike. So finishing off of the drive drivetrain, we're looking at the front wheel now and this is your motor just looks like an extra large hub. It's all powered and connected here with these cables. Again, they're routed very well and if it seems like it would be sort of a disconnected, disjointed, uh, thing when you have pedals there and pedal assist here, I've gotta tell tell you that pedago nails the calibration between these. 
It feels very natural, it feels very good. You wouldn't even know it's front wheel drive unless you lift up the front wheel. So it balances that power and torque between the two. And I really like the way that works and the way it feels when you're riding. Now if you're gonna go quickly, you also have to stop quickly. Let's take a look at the brakes on this because e-bikes make it so easy to go faster. You need really quality brakes and that's what this has. And you can see it has disc brakes here that are pedal style disc brakes, a lot like our Kawasaki sport bikes. And then they've got drilled rotors which gives you uh, good heat dissipation, which is what you want. So you've got your brake over there, easy to adjust and well protected. And when you fold this bike up, this little knob here that looks kind of strange, it's not on a typical bike, that little knob locks into the rear wheel.

So you are actually keeping the rear brake protected so it's not gonna face any uh, area. So when it folds down, the rest of the bike is here and that protects that brake disc. So you've always got solid brakes, you never have to worry about sort of bending those brakes when you fold this up and throw it in your RV compartment or throw it in some other place, uh, where you're gonna be storing this bike. It's all well protected and you've got quality brakes. So if we're gonna talk about safety, we also have to talk about things like lighting. And this bike has excellent lighting which you can turn on right from that computer that we use to control our pedal assist. As you can see, it's very, very bright, which helps light your way and it also helps give you good visibility so others can see you.

And that of course is powered off the main battery. There's also a taillight on this and there's an ingenious little bell. So you have a bell built into this bike that you don't have to worry about damaging when you fold the bike up. Let me show you that right now. So we're looking at the left side handlebar right now. This is your controller right over here. You've got your grip shift here. So this is where you're gonna control your speed and you've got a bell built into the brake lever right here. A little uh, grab with a finger. Should hear it fairly clearly. It's uh, I'm not micd up, it's uh, only Mikey me, but it is a very loud bell, which is easy to use and it dings on both the pull and the release. So you have a double ding every time you pull it right by your brake lever. 
Easy to put, easy to take care of and easy to mount here. And it keeps safe again when the bike is folded because it's mounted into that area that is all protected. One of the great things about the Pedego latch is the fact that you have the same sort of rack system that you have on other pedego bikes and that allows you to have a whole lot of accessories to carry the gear you wanna carry. Now this one comes with that bungee type cords. You can just strap things on here. This one's a little bit, uh, less tension. These ones are a little bit more and you can spread them over to get everything secured. But you can also mount all kinds of bags and other things that are basically quick release so you can take it on and off the bike. You also have a lock system here that locks your battery to the bike so you don't have to worry about that. 
And you can run a regular bicycle lock through the frame, which there's not always a great place on a folded bike to do that. And if you're taking this to places where maybe you don't normally go, you can easily put a lock here to make sure it's locked up and make sure your bike is secure. So a lot of smart little design features built into the frame as well. So I always wrap these videos up with who should buy this. Now obviously if you're looking at this bike, you're looking for a fold up bike, maybe you've got an apartment, a boat, an rv, all of those are common reasons to buy this, but a lot of people like them cuz you don't have to deal with a bike racking, just throw this in the back of your car. It's very smart system the way it's designed.
Now, one thing I will point out is Pedego has thousands and thousands and thousands of bikes out there. So all of the main components on this are well tested and I think that really matters with an e, with an e-bike because you want to have pieces and parts that are durable, reliable, and have been well tested. What I like about Pedego is they really put some research and thought into things. They could have just used a chain like they use on every other bike, but they went with a belt drive and on a fold up bike that really matters. It's no maintenance and it just keeps you clean, especially as you're working around this and especially as you're storing this in tight com tight areas. I love that it has a rack and an entire system of components that can go on that rack. I love the way the lights are integrated. 

I love the way the cable routing is taken care of by running through the frame and bun bunched together. So you don't have to worry about catching those on things if you're pulling it in and out of a tight compartment. The pedal assist system and the computer system here on the pedago e-bikes is very, very good. It's easy to use, it works well. And the entire bike was designed not only to be ridden by tall people, short people, but also to be stored. And I think that really matters. The idea of front and rear wheel drive, putting that electric motor in the front also gives you some traction benefits, especially in lower traction areas and work seamlessly as is. It's a really unique bike in the entry. And I think one thing you'll find as well is when you ride different e-bikes, Pedego bikes ride very well.
They've just, the system has been refined and refined and refined. And you'll find that when you get on a bike like this, it's very smooth to ride and very enjoyable. So there you go. There's the first sort of look at the Pedego latch. If you have questions that I didn't answer, make sure you lemme know when the comments below because Jim Gilbert'sPowerSports gives me complete access to the Pedego lineup. And I come back to your questions both in the comment section and in future videos to make sure that we build a little community here that gets all the answers that you need. Thanks everybody for watching.

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