Hi everybody it's Peter, and in this video we're gonna take a look at the Kawasaki Brute Force 750, which is an excellent platform with an excellent engine, and we're gonna look at some of the popular options that some people put on to make it even better for them. So before we get going too far, I wanna thank  Jim Gilbert's Power Sports, who give you complete access to the Kawasaki lineup. Because if there's something in this video that you have questions about or you have comments about, or you want me to make a future video, you can just let me know in the comments below, make sure you subscribe and I can come back to this vehicle and all sorts of other vehicles in the Kawasaki lineup in order to make sure that I answer your questions. So again, we're gonna go through some of the cool options.

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We're gonna walk through some of the features and some of the pros and cons of each. And I'm gonna show you how I think I would equip things as well as maybe how you would equip things and some of the things that we like. So let's start over here on the front. For me, the brush guard is important. If you're anything like me and you go through certain types of trails, you're hitting sticks and other kinds of things, and you wanna protect these lights, you wanna protect all kinds of things, and it just gives you a little bit extra strength on the front. What I like is this also gives you a base to put on a light bar, and if you wanted an upgrade in lights, you can easily do that. There's all kinds of bars that can mount to these grills right here.

You can put it whatever you want. And you can have wide angle spotlight. You can even have a mix of those kind of things. So light bars, accessory lights, whatever you wanna put on this, you've got the ability to do that with this front bar. The other thing I like out front here is a winch. I feel like every ATV should come with a winch, and I realize that not everybody needs one, but when I go out, oftentimes I'm alone. Or oftentimes I'm going into situations where maybe I shouldn't have. And I've used my winch all kinds of times because maybe I'm not a great driver or maybe I'm just a little too aggressive and, uh, get myself in trouble. But having a winch built in here is really important. So again, the winch here and the mounting plate all easily, uh, you know, the, the Kawasaki is set up for this, so you can easily put those on really basic stuff. Now let's take a look at some of the extra things that I think really set this apart. These are kind of the standard options where there's some cool stuff as we work our way to the back. So I'm feeling, I'm filming this late November. We're thinking about Christmas gifts, Christmas things, things that you could add onto a brute force you already own. But we're also thinking about the type of riding

That I do, which is cold weather riding right now. And whether it's cold weather or warm weather, this windshield kit is pretty awesome. So it's, first of all, it's paint matched to your vehicle. So it looks like it's factory, it has the windshield, which comes up probably to about my chin height. You know, I could certainly tuck down behind it if I wanted to, but it really keeps that cold weather off of me because the way it's set out here, your hand and your controls are kept there. So it can keep you cleaner, it can keep you drier and uh, you know, if you're driving into a, you know, a mystique or, or a damp area kind of thing, sort of takes some of that away from hitting your body first and hits this first. So that's a really cool thing. And of course the wind and everything else, you know, you can see why it's nice, but really it's gonna keep you warmer on a cooler day, which is really nice


The other thing is you have the ability to have these mirrors here that are added on. So that gives you extra safety, extra visibility. And if you're riding with a group, it's really nice to have these really adjustable and highly adjustable mirrors. They, they sort of, the stem moves, the head moves there and you can really see behind you get a sense of what's going on around you. If you're with a group and you're losing someone or you wanna keep an eye on them, it's easy to do with the left and right side mirrors those. This combination right here I think is well worth adding to just about anybody's atv. Next thing I wanna talk about is these fender protectors, which are right here now them on their own. Yeah, they're useful. If you're going up against a tree or something like that, you're gonna hit this really sart, uh, you know, hard piece here instead of the flexible plastic.


It can keep you from cracking things, but really this is about adding accessories on. And we've got a top box here. You'll notice these right here are foot pegs. So the nice thing about these is you can sort of custom set them to your regular passenger. You can bring them lower down for a taller passenger, you can bring 'em fairly high up for a shorter passenger. They fold out of the way when you're getting on and off, can bang it in place and it sort of holds in place, but you can fold 'em outta the way if you're just getting on and off and you're riding solo. But it makes this a solid two passenger vehicle that's really comfortable and they have good support because they're nice and safe. So I'll show you what I look like as a six footer up here on the seat.

So I'm gonna climb on from the far side here. You've got the handholds here on this, uh, area here. And if you just wanted to climb up and high up, you can use those foot pegs to support all of my weight. Again, I'm a six footer, won't lift my weight, but let's call it 175 ish or so. And you can see it gives me a solid base along with the handholds here to really anchor myself to the vehicle. So I'm really secure here. The driver still has basically their complete seat to themselves. They've got that full space there, they can move forward or back so they can adjust their weight as they need to driving over rougher terrain. And the passenger is very comfortable here. Now I will say here, the seat is a nice soft seat, so it's a really luxurious place to kind of sit and ride. Obviously we mentioned these handholds here. We're gonna talk about this, uh, top case here in a second, but as I'm riding here, if I wanna reach down and grab something as the passenger or the driver can reach back, they can do that. We'll talk about how this is waterproof or at least water resistant anyways up there. But, uh, overall

Simple process to give you that two passenger vehicle that you've been looking for and make people super secure. Taking a closer look at this top case here, we can see the handles that are sort of soft, uh, you know, rubber or certainly a soft feeling, uh, area there. So not cold metal for your passenger. You've got this nice seat here, which again, nice and soft, but it does give you good support here in the front to keep you in place. And a nice soft backrest as well. This is the panel I was talking about here and you can see the entire lid is sort of a squishy kind of seal that meets to this plastic hard area to form a firm gasket on there. So you've got some water resistance there. Let's show you the back end of this over on the back end here. 
Pretty typical stuff. Easy, good ceiling latches that are easy to open, a good deep storage area with. Again, the height there so you can reach in through that, uh, area there. Or you can get access all of your stuff like this. You can pass it right through. And you've got storage on both sides, so a lot of storage. And if you want it, you could put a box like this on the front. What I like about leaving it just here is you can strap anything you want to the front and leave the loose items here in the secure secured area as well. Now let's talk about wheels and tires. So we've got this one here, which is more of a trail set up. These more all terrain, uh, kicker tires here, kicker Bronco tires. Uh, a lot of tread in here. I think these would be pretty good in the winter.

They've got some siping in there. Good and the wet. And obviously, like I said, more of a trail riding thing. We've also got a different version of the brute force in the showroom. I'm gonna show you a picture of that right now. It also has larger wheels and larger tires set up for mud. So depending on your riding condition, you can set it up from your dealer to do the riding that you want. This one does not have a lift kit, but that's also an option. So larger wheels and tires can give you more ground clearance just like that. And then you can add a lift kit again, get more ground clearance again and again with that great seven 50 high power engine, you've got plenty of power to spin those wheels and get through anywhere you've gotta go and you can get some extra gl ground clearance to do the things you want to do.

So all kinds of options to customize wheels, tires, to, to tailor it to the train that you wanna ride on. So in front of me I hear I have sort of the list of what's on here. We have a Bronco 2,500 pound winch and Bronco 26 7 inch kicker tires. We have a KFI winch mounting plate. So you've got the winch mounted to the Bronco. And again, 2,500 pound winch. That's, uh, plenty for this Kawasaki brush guard. So this is factory Kawasaki stuff right here, the VI air or v i p air, uh, paint matched windshield and the mirrors. So again, the mirrors can be separate, but they are, um, v I P or VI air, I'm, I'm saying that wrong I'm sure, but that's what's on this. And then you've got the KIMPEX, or sorry, Kimpex, nomad seat ,  fender protectors and  foot pegs. So those are all what's on this, but you could add more, like we mentioned, a light bar on here is a popular option. You could throw a hitch on the back and, uh, take all those things that you needed to do around the yard, hook up a trailer, do that kind of thing. And that doesn't sort of preclude the fact

That you've got all kinds of factory storage areas here already on a pretty good unit. And what I really like about this is the fact that as a base unit, the brute force is such a great base for this, but because they don't optional those option packages that other manufacturers have, I think it gets overlooked. And the problem with those option packages that other manufacturers make is it forces you into a certain model where you don't get to customize what you want and just pay for the things you need and not the things you don't. So we have other, uh, models here on the property. We have a rifle holder on one of our, uh, uh, racks here on the front. You can add all kinds of things, like I said, light barge, really popular option as well. You can do all kinds of things. 

And the one final thing I want to point out is if you are not super handy like me, and you're maybe better in front of a camera than behind a wrench, uh, always have your dealer install this. All of these things here were installed by the dealer. You gotta, you can take this unit home today, right from Jim Gilbert's Powersports with everything professionally installed and it just makes it simpler. There's less things to worry about, less things to have to, you know, think about yourself and it really creates that factory look. So let me know when the comments, do you like what they've done here? Do you like sort of those more mutter tires on the other ATV that we showed you? I'll show you that picture again here. I think this looks pretty good. It looks really good, uh, in the showroom and a lot of people are commenting on it. But what kind of accessories do you like on your atv? Let us know in the comments below because then we can sort of have a little list here for everybody who's looking into accessories to see what you've done with yours and, uh, maybe that's what they wanna do with theirs. Thanks everybody for watching it. We wanna also thank Jim Gilbert's Power Sports for giving me complete access to their vehicle line so we can do more videos like this. Thanks everybody for watching.

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