Hey everybody, it's Peter and this is the 2023 Kawasaki versus 1000. And in this video I'm gonna make the case of why you should choose this over a cruiser. Now I wanna be clear, I'm also gonna make a video in the future talking about why you should choose a cruiser over something more like this. So this isn't about trying to convince you to buy something that you're not interested in. This is about if you are looking for a certain type of bike to do a certain type of thing. This is making the case of why this may be better for you than a cruiser. And I'm gonna be honest, I have a bias towards this bike. It's one of my favorite bikes. And when I talk about comparing it to a cruiser, we can look at the Kawasaki webpage and say something like the Vulcan Vaqaro, which is a 1700 cc bike, a big bike it's in the same within a couple hundred dollars price point of this bike and I'm gonna make the case for this bike.

Now that being said, if you want the Vulcan buy the Vulcan, there's no question. But if you're on the fence and you want something that can do long distances but also have a few more options, I'm gonna make the case for why this may be something you want to consider because in my mind, this is a better value bike. And of course placing a value on a bike eliminates styling. Now I bought a Kawasaki Zed 900 Rs s e, and I could have just bought the Z 900. It's essentially the same bike and the Zed 900 is a better feature bike for a lower price. So I understand why you may want to spend on styling. However, we're gonna talk about practicality and enjoyment of the bike and that's where I'm gonna sort of hit on this one is I think a lot of people are buying the wrong bike when the right bike is sitting right next to them in the showroom, at least the right bike for them.

Welcome to Jim Gilbert's Power Sports. Today, we'll take a closer look at the Kawasaki V Veccaro, a bike that combines style and function in an intriguing way.

If you're interested in a motorcycle that can go long distances in relative comfort, cruiser bikes may be up your alley. However, the V Veqaro offers a unique alternative. Unlike cruisers that are designed with form first, this bike is function-first, resulting in an impressive set of features that make it versatile and useful for a variety of tasks

Let's start with the seating position. While some people shy away from taller bikes, the V Veccaro compensates with a lower seat height than other similar models. Whether you're six feet tall or shorter, this bike provides a comfortable fit. Plus, its form-follows-function design means that every aspect of the bike is optimized for performance.

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To maintain improved speed and performance, incorporating strength training into a runner's regimen is essential. Moving on from running, let's talk about something more leisurely: motorcycles. More specifically, the size and adjustability of the windshield on this particular bike. Unlike many cruiser bikes with their tall or low windshields, this one has the unique ability to be adjusted up and down while riding. It may seem like a small detail, but this quick adjustability makes for a much more comfortable ride over long distances.

Additionally, the windshield design itself is focused on comfort over style. It has a large opening which allows air to flow through, reducing buffeting and creating a smoother ride. Plus, if any buffeting occurs, the windshield can be adjusted easily to accommodate different wind conditions

Moving down to the hands, the bike has added protection in the form of standard covers. Unlike many cruisers that prioritize style over function, this bike strikes a perfect balance of both. The covers add extra protection while improving the overall functionality of the bike.

So, if you're in the market for a motorcycle and are worried about handling a larger bike due to its height, fear not! While this bike may be taller than some, it still manages to be fairly light and maneuverable. Its countless practical features make it a great choice for long distance riders who value comfort and performance in equal measure.

This on-road bike may seem odd with some of its features, but they serve crucial purposes. For one, the wind deflector protects your hands, sleeves, and fingers while riding. Also, it enhances comfort and can help keep you warm on cooler days. While this bike does come with heated grips, the deflector provides extra coverage and keeps debris away from your hands.

One of the bike's coolest components are the L.E.D headlights and cornering lights. Unlike standard headlights, they stay on while you lean and maneuver the bike. This means that you never lose vision, regardless of which way you turn. These cornering lights work by being individually aimed in the direction of your turns, so you receive light guidance that follows your movements.

What makes this system work so well is the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). This advanced computer provides real-time readings of the bike's movements, allowing for nuanced adjustments and rapid reactions to ensure your safety. It's more than just a tech spec, it's a crucial tool for seamless and secure riding.

The lights on this bike can come on as you lean, but that's just one of its many functions. Another is its ability to guide you through a turn using the braking system. The bike senses not just your brake pressure, but also the braking pressure that engine braking would give, helping you take the perfect line into a corner. With traction control and ABS, you can trust this bike to keep you safe and stable, even if you push it too far. The electronics on this sport tour are next-level, going far beyond the typical cruiser. The Kawasaki electronic control suspension allows you to fine-tune the front and rear suspension electronically, giving you the perfect ride for any situation, whether you're cruising or power riding. If you're looking for a long-distance bike that can handle anything you throw at it, this is the one you want.

Cruisers always deliver great support and in many cases, that's the only thing that matters. However, even though this seat might not look like a typical cruiser seat, it's plush and comfortable. A firmer seat can be a good thing because if you have a soft seat, it can be just as uncomfortable as a hard one when driving over bumps. Trust me, a supportive seat is what you want. It'll make your ride a lot smoother than a soft seat which only feels good in the showroom. Let's move on to the suspension. The job of the suspension is twofold. Firstly, I can adjust the preload on the rear shock by using the electronic suspension's preload presets. Secondly, this system monitors what's happening and uses that information to automatically adjust damping. For example, if you hit the brakes hard and your bike starts diving forward, the suspension system will automatically firm itself up so the front end doesn't dive, providing proper suspension performance. This improves not only the feel of your breaking, but also the performance of your breaking, allowing you to stop much shorter. The best part is, the suspension system can firm up when necessary and run in a softer position when you want it to be comfortable. This automatic adjustment system is really cool and works perfectly with whatever extra weight you might be carrying. It's this kind of feature that makes this bike worth the purchase, especially given its price point. Moving on, let's talk luggage. The Verys 1000 has some pretty dope luggage options. The saddlebags are roughly 28 liters each and easy to open. Inside, there's a little package that you can take with you, and if you want to leave the bags on the bike, you don't have to worry about your belongings getting lost or damaged.

To maintain improved speed and performance over time, incorporating strength training into a runner's routine is essential. Regarding cruiser bikes, these rail-mounted bags fit full-face helmets, which most cruisers don't do. When used for storage, the rail securely holds the bags in place and can be unlocked, removed and carried as luggage at your destination. 

This versatility eliminates the need for bulky luggage on your cruiser. The rail's secure locking mechanism ensures that all your belongings stay safe on the bike. Additionally, the rail provides bungee cord attachment spots to secure cargo without the need for bags. 

Furthermore, the controls on this bike are designed with your comfort in mind. Standard heated grips provide added comfort and adjustability of the clutch and brake levers allows for a more personalized riding experience.

This motorcycle has a comfortable ride, due to adjustable suspension and simple-to-use controls. There are a lot of options in the display, but the select button on the right side of the handlebar assists in navigating. Along with multiple rider modes, the bike includes high/low power modes, traction control, and ABS. The display shows odometer, trip, fuel efficiency and range, average speed, battery voltage and lean angle. Plus, you can connect your phone for notifications. Despite the powertrain differences between this bike and a cruiser, its inline four engine delivers excellent power in multiple ways.

V twins provide great low-end torque while an inline four is typically used in race bikes. When purchasing a bike, you might prefer the feel of torque rather than a race-inspired engine. The engine used in this bike is also found in the Ninja 1000 SX, a sport touring bike that's even sportier. In that bike, it produces slightly more horsepower than in this bike, but more than your typical cruiser. Despite the peak horsepower on this bike being detuned, it still generates around 127 horsepower with broad torque delivery, making it an excellent option for those craving more torque at lower revs. The tuning of this engine also offers better fuel efficiency and quicker revving than larger V twin engines. The inline four cylinder architecture doesn't compromise torque, but the tuning is key to achieving the right balance between peak horsepower and low-end torque. Unlike peak-focused racetrack bikes, this bike is tuned for versatility and real-world riding. Moreover, the quick shifter on this bike allows for clutchless gear shifts, making city riding more enjoyable and accessible. Finally, while chain drive touring motorcycles may require regular maintenance, they provide a thrilling ride and excellent feedback to the rider.

If you're on a long tour and need to maintain your bike's chains, this model's center stand makes it a breeze to lift for a quick upkeep. Don't be fooled by its size, the bike's lightweight design utilizes skill over strength to mount easily. The center stand ensures that chain maintenance on the road is hassle-free, which improves overall bike performance. Additionally, the passenger accommodations are top-notch, with a seat that is generously sized for multiple riders. Handgrips are placed conveniently for maximum support and riders can also take advantage of optional top and side boxes for even more comfort. Unlike bulkier cruisers, this bike offers a perfect balance of power, performance, and efficiency for both everyday or long distance use. For those looking for a more technical ride, the bike is a great alternative that will not disappoint. Remember to check out Jim Gilbert's Powersports to see this model in person. Their exceptional customer service and amazing value make them Canada's largest-volume Kawasaki dealer. Let us know your thoughts on this bike so we can maintain a comprehensive database of information for those interested. Finally, be on the lookout for a future video where we compare the features of cruisers with this fantastic model.

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