Hi everybody, it's Peter and in this video we're gonna do an in-depth review of the Kawasaki KLX110 R and we're gonna compare it to the Kawasaki KFX 50. These are both kids power sports and they are really good for getting your kids into power sports in a safe manner and helping them learn to use them in a controlled environment with something that they can handle. So first of all, I just wanna point out that there are larger versions of both of these. There's a 90cc you can go with uh, 110RL and you can continue to move up the line. These are sort of the entry level smaller units that the Kawasaki line starts at. But doesn't matter what, it doesn't matter what age your kids are, we have something for everyone. And I wanna point out that I'm filming here at Jim Gilbert's Power Sports and one of the reasons I'm doing this video is because there's a whole bunch of these in stock.

We are in the middle of January when nobody has stock and we've got a huge massive showroom full of these things. And I need your help. One of these is sitting outside my office and I need it sold because then I can put what I wanna put outside my office. So you're gonna help me out if you can help me out by buying one of these and taking it home to your kids. Simple process. So let's get in depth with the review of both of these units. So the first thing I'm gonna show you is just the size and the styling of this. First of all, size wise, it's small. It's small enough to fit a young child. How old? I don't know. It depends on your kid <laugh>, how, how much you wanna put them on this. But this is something that is very good for a younger kid to learn on.
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If they can ride a bicycle, they can ride this. The couple things that I like, first of all, styling wise, this is big bike styling. Kids are gonna love that. But the other thing is it's built very durable. So you've got an air cooled four stroke motor, which means you don't have to mix gas and oil to fill the fuel. And the air cooled means there's no liquid cooling, nothing to break or leak or anything else. So pretty simple there. You've got good support underneath here. So when you're gonna go over a bump and down into an area, the area that most like is most likely to come in contact with anything underneath is right there. And you've got the steel foot pegs with the grip on, they fold up. So if the bike ever fell over, those are gonna fold in place. It does have a kickstart, uh, right here, but you can use a kickstart or an electric start, which is kind of nice. 

They can kinda get used to everything else. And then the biggest thing with this is it has no clutch, but it does have a transmission which you can shift. So let's talk about that for a second. So if you're good alert to ride a motorcycle or dirt bike or any kind, you should learn to shift gears. Now the clutch could be intimidating for kids especially because it can cause the vehicle to stall or anything else. Well this one still has a gear shifter but no clutch. So we'll talk about how that works. Basically, your kid can shift on their own up and down and they need to, but they don't have to activate the clutch. So from a stop, it's just throttle and go. But they will run out of gear, they'll get a into first gear and there's a four speed transmission here where they can upshift up to fourth gear and then bring it back down as they slow down. If they try to stop in fourth gear, the vehicle will stall. So you still have essentially a manual transmission exactly like a real dirt bike, but you don't have to worry about, you

Know, know modulating that clutch in every gear, especially in first gear to get going. It's a great way to teach your kids about gearing about how things work, but also not have them worry about the jumpy clutch or releasing the clutch when they shouldn't. So super simple system, but it's exactly like a bigger motorcycle. So we're looking at the left side handlebar right now. Normally that is where your clutch lever would be and you can see you've got a nice good solid grip here different than a regular motorcycle. Your kill switch is on the left side here along with your start switch and we'll show you why in a second. But basically over here, nothing to do. But hang on, you can turn it off there, you can start it right there. Again, the electric start is available there. So nice and simple on your left side, let's check out the right side.

On the right side handlebar, you can see that there is that front brake lever right there. Now again, not linked brake. So just like a regular dirt bike front brake here, rear brake is on your foot. You've got your throttle here with what appears to be a limiter there. So you can sort of limit that throttle, keep it kind of covered up there, but that's why there's no uh, kill switch there. A little harder to reach around that you can get that kill switch on the opposite side. So we talked about that front brake lever. Well what is it attached to? These are actually drum brakes in here. Now drum brakes are not something that's very common on the front of motorcycles anymore, but they used to be my first road bike, my first highway going street road, legal road bike actually had drum brakes front and rear.

The benefit with drum brakes is first of all, on something like this, they're gonna last forever. You need a disc brake when you have higher speeds and that kind of thing. Uh, it helps dissipate heat but these are gonna last a long, long time and no debris or or junk or anything else can get in between the brake pads and the brake because everything's inside here. So they're both easy to adjust, easy to deal with, easy to maintain, but also something that just kind of is very durable in a sense that if there's dirt around this area, which of course there will be, it's never gonna interfere with the brake. So very simple braking system and it's uh, drum brakes front and rear on this bike. Take a look at the rear of the bike on the chain side. You can see you've got a lot of good things going on right here.

First of all, chain guard, chain protector, all there. So just a little things to keep the moving parts away from anybody who's not familiar with moving parts when they get on this for the very first time. You've also got a kickstand and even the uh, spring on the kickstand is covered by a little rubbery type uh, cover there just to keep that from pinching anything. So you've got a lot of sort of protection to keep unfamiliar hands and feet, uh, away from things that can pinch and things that are moving. So really nice little safety features built in there. Obviously you still have to keep um, you know, your kids. Uh, it's a learning process to learn these things but you've got a nice sort of in between stage where they can learn everything but also be safe while they do that. One other small safety feature to that I'd like to mention here is, although these aren't lighted, they're not road legal, they're off road vehicles only. Just like all of our other dirt bikes, they do have reflectors here. There's a reflector out front on both sides there. There's a reflector out back and on the very back. So if you are in an area where there are vehicles around uh, and you've got headlights on, you will have

Some reflectivity at night. So that's a brief look at the KLX 110R. Now if you have more questions and I didn't answer everything, feel free to let me know in the comments below because I can come back to those comments in the comments section as well as in future videos. But maybe your kid isn't ready for a two-wheeler or maybe they just want something a little different. We also have the option here of this K F X 50 atv. Let's take a close look at that now. So in the past I did a video of the KFX50 and the KFX90 and you may have noticed it had little l e d daytime running lights. That was a 2023 model I'm filming here in January, 2023 and there are still deals to be had on the 2022 models here at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports

So I'm filming this one just so you have a different perspective. These, I don't know if they're reflective or not, they might have some reflectivity, but those are obviously looking like headlights. They are a little different. You still got reflectors over here. Big thing I like here is you've got this nice steel frame that comes all the way out. So if you're coming over obstacles and maybe you're hitting something, you know, a little dead center, you have your ability to have this, lift the vehicle, send everything under the wheels, and you've got good Kawasaki strength here. You've got the variable rate springs up here, good solid, uh, strong steering out front. You've got a lot of toughness built into this. Now this is a rear wheel drive, not an all-wheel drive atv. So you still have the ability to have, you know, no power up here and you can have some fun with the rear end with this.

And of course you can govern the speed on this as well. Let's take a look at the back end. So on the back end here, we have a chain driven single axle system. So it's not an independent suspension, just a single suspension in the middle. Interestingly, instead of the drum brakes, like on the dirt bike, we have a disc brake system here. And again, although this isn't road legal, you do have a brake light as well as a reflector right over here. So safety is built in. Now one other safety piece that's built in is this little strap right here. This strap can be used if you're walking behind this when your child is learning to ride it. And what's cool about this is you can set the speed to go very, very slow and this would be a kill switch. So if you hold this sort of like a leash and they get away from you, you can pull it out and it will actually work as the kill switch. 
It will stop the vehicle in its track or at least turn the engine off, uh, right away. So you have the ability to teach your younger child on this K F X 50, not only K FX 90 by using this extra kill switch kind of leash system that's attached to the rear of the vehicle. Taking a look at the left side handlebar here, this is also not a clutch. This vehicle is an automatic transmission, but there's no shifting at all on this. So it's twist and go. We're gonna show you the throttle side a second actually shouldn't say twist and go, it's a thumb throttle, but it's just throttle and go without any gear shifting from the dr from the user, from the rider. So this side here is your brake. So you've got a kill switch here and a start button right there and your brake again, nice big controls. Now let's take a look at the right side controls. So the right side controls interesting here. You

Still still have the brake and then you have the thumb throttle right in here. So you can see that thumb throttle right there. And that can be limited as well to how fast, uh, or how much throttle you want the uh, child to use on this. One interesting thing is you have a parking brake right here. So I can squeeze this lever in here, I can push this down and as I push that down, that locks the brake on. That means it can't roll anywhere. So if your child's parking on a hill, they have the ability to use that uh, parking brake as well, which is very handy. So if you're looking to get your kid into power sports, these are two great options. But let's just talk really briefly about the dealer because you may have noticed things like Freddie the Frog sitting here. 

Well, if your kid buys one of these ATVs or if they buy a motorcycle, although really it's you buying it for them, this comes with it. Everybody who buys an ATV or power sport of any kind here gets a Freddy of the frog or a teddy bear if you buy a vehicle, which is kind of fun. And I made a deal that if you buy one of these and quote the vehicle, I will throw in an extra Freddy of the frog with both of them. So you have a fun place for kids to shop here. There's all kinds of fun things, there's tons of selection and this is a very kid friendly place. There's things like popcorn and there's arcade games and all kinds of things. So they can both come check out their future ride, but they can also have fun while they're here. 
And remember, this is a showroom stocked full even here in January full of all your summertime fun toys. So make sure you swing by Jim Gilbert's PowerSports. And if you have questions about either of these or other models within the Kawasaki lineup that you wanna know more about, let me know the ones you want to know more about and I will make future videos for you as well. And if you have questions about these two, ask me in the comments because I can answer in the comments and in future videos. So I'm thank Jim Gilbert's PowerSports for giving me access to their vehicles. And I also wanna thank you for watching.

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