Hi everybody, it's Peter and I'm here in the Jim Gilbert's Powersport showroom because this doesn't fit into my video bay. Today we're gonna talk about the TerraX four and we're gonna talk about the tracks that are on this one as well. This is the base model and the best thing about the TerraX four is you can add accessories to make it anything you want to make it. And you can take an entire crew of people, you can take four people easily in this thing. I love this thing. So we're gonna go take a look at it right now. So before we get too far in this review, I'm gonna do my best to give you as in-depth of review as I can of this thing, including its accessories. However, if there's something that I don't get to and there will be things that I don't get to you that you wanna know about more, let me know in the comments below and make sure you subscribe because one of the best things about being here at Jim Gilbert's Powersports is they give me complete access to their entire, entire Kawasaki lineup. 
And I get to come back to your questions in both the comments section and in future videos. So let's talk about this vehicle right here. This is the TerraX four V between 800. So you've got good power here. Traditionally this comes with smaller wheels and there's also a two passenger version, which I'll show you right now. Uh, that is a just a two-seater and that's the, the wheels that are on the one that you're looking at on the screen right now are the same wheels that would come on this one right here. 

The difference is, of course, this one is had the tracks accessories. Now in that base model form, it's the perfect sort of platform to accessorize it up because you're only paying for what you need and nothing more. And when we talk about a base model, you wouldn't expect it to have fox piggyback shocks that we're gonna talk about here.

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You wouldn't expect it to have sort of the nice trim details in here. It doesn't feel at all like a base model, but like I said, it's a really good platform to start building things on. So before we got talking too much about this, let's address the tracks and talk about what they are, what they're good for, how simple they are, and then we'll move on to a review of this vehicle itself. So the first thing you need to know about these tracks is we all think winter. And of course these are great for the winter. So whereas a traditional wheel will just have a very small contact patch, this extends your contact patch and it's different in the front and rear. The rear tracks are longer and they have even more extension, which means more contact to the ground. These have a little bit of a dip to them and that allows for some steering capability, but they're not just for the winter.

So if you put these on for the winter, obviously the idea is these can float on snow, it will limit your top speed a little bit, you have to slow it down a little bit, but still fully capable, I think 40 kilometers an hour or so, which is a pretty good speed for when you're getting out into snow like this. And you don't have to have the snow packed down. You can head out onto the unpacked snow and really continue moving. But if you put them on in the winter and let's say spring hits, you don't have to immediately take them off. These are four season tracks and we're gonna talk about what that means as you go through. But the biggest thing is as that snow melts, everything gets swampy and muddy and whether you're going through ponds or streams or other stuff like that, it's gonna give you the traction you need and they're fully capable of staying on right through four seasons, but for sure into that spring weather.

So you can go through the snow, keep 'em on those swampy areas and if you've got a property or trail system or something that really requires you to have a lot of traction that you wouldn't get from the base model of this with the traditional wheels, these are a pretty cool option and they also look pretty cool. So it's pretty simple install just bolts right on. Uh, can come on and off quite easily, uh, to the uh, system here. It's a very simple process. So uh, we'll have a link to those, uh, or at least to the name of what those are in the description. So I make sure I get the exact model numbers right for this. But let's move on to the vehicle now. So when I talk about the Kawasaki Teryx4 basically this is a very unique four passenger unit. There are two passenger units and they actually share a wheel base between the two passenger and four passenger.

On the four passenger door, you do have a little extra length, which is basically sitting right here. So keep in mind with wheels right here, the wheels would end here. Little bit extra overhang here and that's it, which means this is fully trail capable, it has a nice tight turning circle and like I said, two passenger, four passenger, you're basically dealing with the same footprint from a wheel based perspective and from a width and everything else. Let's talk about those pock fox piggyback shocks in a second. But before we go too far, I just wanna show you how comfortable this is in a both driver and passenger environment. Now this one has a windshield on it that's an accessory from a driver's perspective. You have these really tall seats. So many of these vehicles have a bench seat and Kawasaki's bench seats are comfortable, but you can't argue with the bucket seat.

It's just a more comfortable seat. You can move them around. You have the tilt steering wheel. I can get comfortable right here, but sitting where I'm comfortable, you can still sit there. And again, the, the height is a little different with the tracks on, but you can still sit there and jump in here where as a six footer, even with a helmet on, even with the roof on here, I have tons and tons of space. So you can fit a full six footer plus behind a six footer plus in this vehicle. And because it's sort of a stadium style seating, I'm looking over the driver and I have a fantastic view even though I'm sitting behind the driver. So a real big advantage of the Kawasaki Teryx4 is not a huge wheel base because it was started off as a four passenger vehicle and then they created a two passenger out of it instead of the other way around.

But there's not a whole lot of wheel base, but there is a ton of space for riders. So we'll show you a little more of the inside a second, but that's the big advantage to this TerraX four is you have the flexibility and maneuverability of a two passenger while being able to take four passengers. So when we talk about maneuverability, that's great, but let's talk about capability. And we keep mentioning, or at least I keep mentioning these fox shocks in here. Again, even on the base model, you've got these fox shocks and this makes a difference because so many of these side by sides are work focus machines first and play second. And this is play first, but it's kind of like an in-between or the Kawasaki lineup.

You've got that Kawasaki KRX above it, which is a really, you know, massive suspension travel. But then you've got this, which is a nice mix for trail riding and that's really where this uh, shines.

So these fox piggyback shocks, the reason you want piggyback shocks is because as the sharks compress and go in and out and do their thing, they create some heat and this is gonna allow that heat to sit over here to dissipate some of that heat, which means as you're going on those really rough roads, really rough trails, it's gonna give you consistent performance in the suspension. So this really matters and none of this suspension has to be modified to fit on these tracks. So this is what you're getting, whether you have wheels or tracks. The tracks actually make it a little easier to see, uh, out here, but a really nice system of beefy a arms and the fox piggyback shock. The other big feature here on the Teryx4 is this bed. Now this one has an accessory, which I quite like. It has a little extra cargo box in here which you can flip up and take a look inside.
It's kind of got some struts and it holds everything in a potentially lockable, but at least uh, enclosed scenario. Now, this again is an accessory back here as this, as a, you know, tiny little pickup bed, you can hold about 250 pounds. Now the two passenger does hold more weight, uh, in the bed itself, but of course it doesn't have to uh, deal with passengers. But for me, 200, uh, in 50 pounds, I mean really you're gonna be carrying a cooler your stuff for the day and it's just enough to take everything you want, not having it in the passenger compartment. But everything back here, this cargo box actually makes it feel a little smaller than it is, but of course it does close it in, which makes it kind of convenient. But kind of that perfect scenario for, again, not really a work machine, more of a play machine allowing you to take everything you need with you.


So before we take a look at the front seat and the technology and the features in there, I wanted to show you the backseat one more time. You've got wide opening doors, not quite 90 degrees, but pretty close to it and they, although they are plastic, they don't feel really plasticy and chinsy over here is a bar that makes it easier to climb in. You can sort of climb in here again, it's a little taller with the tracks than it would be with the wheels shut that door. Your handle is only on the outside. So the inside is nice and clean. Nothing to grab, nothing to latch onto your clothes or anything else. And you can see again, I've got tons of space. The big feature here is this bar that runs the entire way across. You can kind of see it come over here and come across, which means no matter where you're sitting, no matter where you're turning, you've got an ability to hold onto something here to kind of keep you in place depending on, you know, both G forces, the way the vehicle's turning and again, space is very good.

There is a 12 volt port back here, some cup holders, those kind of things. And you have the plastic floor with drainage holes in there. So if dirt, water, whatever comes in, it will drain out and keep you relatively away from all of that stuff compared to something like an atv. You also have this little shoulder piece right here, which may be hard to see on camera, but again, if you really kind of get pushed to the side, the seats do a pretty good job of holding you in. You are seat belted in here as well, but you have this little extra piece both in the driver. The driver has a pad on there, but also here for the passenger, which is just a little extra thing for both a grab handle, getting in and out, but also to keep your shoulder there. So rear seat is excellent back here.
Now let's take a look at the front seat and some of the technology in here. Again, keep in mind this is a base model unit. So before I jump in the driver's seat, I just wanna show you the lighting area here and I'm gonna do a real, uh, not so uh, clean kind of zoom in here to the lighting area on the left side of your screen. And you can see it's labeled as outer and there's a blank spot there. Now higher levels have outer and inner lights and you can do both l e d and incandescent and including a mix of both. So I just wanna show you the lights out front to show you what I'm talking about and to tell you about what you can add and take away here. So looking at the headlights right there, you can see when I turn it onto the low beam setting, you're gonna have this halogen light that's a little bit more yellowy light than some of the whiter L e D lights.

And a lot of our vehicles have a mix between halogen and L E d. If you wanted to add accessories to this vehicle or if you moved up trim lines, you can get an L e D in here. This one's just got a blank and that's why you have just the outer lights and not inner lights. It does have a high beam setting as well, so there's low and high beam, but if you were to get an L E D light in here, you can get high and low beam there as well, which gives you that more whiter, closer to daylight color. So again, just options with the accessories and again on this base model you kind of have some room to maybe get those, these halogen lights are worth keeping around if you're planning on using this in snow, like for instance this one with the tracks because the halogen lights actually have a little bit of heat to them where the L e D lights really don't.

So when you have that snow splashing up here on a halogen light, it will melt away and you'll continue to have that good visibility. Whereas an L E D light may not have as much heat and that's why you can always sometimes get both For most of the time here, people really like that white bright l e d light and of course you could add light bars and all kinds of things to this, but having these halogen lights around might be a good idea if you're planning to use this in the winter for that specific reason to help you melt that snow. Jumping in the driver's environment of this TerraX four is pretty simple. Just uh, hit the, hit the latch right there. Door opens again just about to 90 degrees and you can see it's perched up pretty high. So again, if you're going through water or anything else, you're nice and square and that's how they get the leg room in the back.

If you had your legs sort of spread out a lot further, like on this angle, you'd have to have more leg room, but because your legs are kind of square in there and it drives uh, a lot like a truck or even like a Jeep or something like that, you get a little more square, you get a little bit of extra height in there and it gives you some great visibility. Now there is a tilt wheel here because I have a hand on a camera holder right now or a camera mount. I won't be able to show you how that works, but it is a nice strong hydraulic that lifts way up and way down so you can get comfortable and it's a nice compact steering wheel. It feels really good in the hands. Again, this one does have a windshield on it that's not standard on uh, this particular model, but that's what we have here today.
Zooming into this general area, you'll see some glare on the camera that you won't see in real life. Again, a camera films with one eye, your eyes, uh, see with two. So you kind of diffuse that, uh, glare a lot more when you're just uh, looking at it. And I have no issues seeing this in any way with uh, my two eyes. So keys over here you've got your two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and your lock switch right there. I dunno if you can kind of see it right there. Uh, super simple to use there. And again, because this is a lower trim level without a whole lot of accessories, you've got lots of spaces to add extra things as you need to. You do have a 12 volt port here. You also have a 12 volt port in the back seats so you can again, power things front and rear

And a pretty basic and simple display that works very, very well. So one thing I like about this display here, it says two wheel drive right now I can switch it to four wheel drive and it won't, even though you heard a sort of mechanical kind of it grabbing on because it didn't officially go into four wheel drive, it doesn't light up. So what you have here is a switch which says I've turned it to four-wheel drive but until it actually locks into four-wheel drive, this display does not, uh, light up. So some things are powered by just a switch, which is not true. Uh, when you're stuck in some mud or anything else, you wanna know if you're in four-wheel drive or not and it will tell you exactly that it has fully engaged, not just that you've turned the switch, which is a nice feature right down there.

Speedometer here, which in Canada, so it's set to kilometers per hour. You've got a full tag of fuel, you've got a clock, you've got trip A, you've got trip B and you've got an hour meter and that's all you need. So simple, simple stuff down there. Down here we've got Freddy the Frog, he's uh, Jim Gilbert's Power Sports, uh, mascot. He's pretty cool. He speaks and as well tells you his whole life story if you squeeze him.

So if you come down this visit the story, you can see that and you've got a little space here to put your phone in most phones now or waterproof or at least my iPhone is so, uh, or at least water resistance so you can keep it out if you wanted to. Uh, you've also got little bits of storage areas down here, little bit of storage area down there.

You do have a glove box in there as well. So lots of little interior storage areas here. And then you have your shifter down here, low range, high range neutral and reverse this, although it looks like a parking brake is just a passenger hand hold. So they have something to sort of grab onto you to stay secure as you're going through rough terrain. And your hand brake is actually back here again, just like all the old fashioned cars used to have the hand brakes. Now of course everybody's moved to electronic hand brakes on a lot of the cars, but that's your quick review of the interior basic stuff. Again, I should throw you the floor here. Uh, you do have those holes in the floor so as water comes in you've got good dead pedals at the passenger side there. So you have a dead pedal left and right to keep them really secure.
Uh, any water that comes in is gonna drain out. And then the driver's environment here you can see my big size 11 feet easily fit in here and you've got the dead pedal over there as well if we can try to get it to focus on that. I don't know if I can. Well we tried and then of course the gas pedal and brake pedal just uh, metal of course. So there for durability, uh, perforations in the brake pedal just to allow that, uh, mud and everything else to move through. So simple, simple interior, but again, very, very comfortable. I wanna flip the camera around just to show you again the driver's environment because these seats are really good. Even though you're gonna be wearing a helmet, you haven't got the headrest that comes right up to where your head is. And I think that's a good thing cuz you want to have that really good space for your helmet as you're kind of steering moving.
If you're going downhill, you kind of naturally lean way back. And of course in a vehicle like this you're gonna be going down much deeper hills than you would in a car. So even though they look like they have sort of a headrest here, what it really is is a full back support that comes up to a little tilted area with plenty of room for your helmet. It's never gonna be in the way. This traditionally on this trim level does not come with a roof. This is a soft, uh, enclosure roof. You can get hard enclosures, soft enclosures, you can do all kinds of things with these, but you would have this sort of uh, bar right here. One of the things I really like is this nice big wide angle mirror there you can see me in it there. Uh,

It's just, just a nice feature to have to be able to see not just behind you but in this four passenger I think this makes a lot of sense because you can glance up and see the big grins on the faces of your passengers behind you, which is part of the fun of having a four passenger TerraX four. So who is a vehicle like this four? Well first of all obviously the four passengers. I mean you understand it that works for you or doesn't. I think it's great to have a four passenger vehicle that really fits full-size adults my size and much larger than me and you're able to take them in a compact wheel base, which I think makes a lot of sense. This is a vehicle built for the trails. Yes, it can do a little bit of work, it can tow a little bit, it can carry enough weight, uh, and you can certainly use it for that kind of stuff.

But this is built for the trails. It's a fun machine built for the fun. What I like about this base model is you start off with a good fox suspension and then you can deck do it up as you want. If you wanna add larger wheels, you can do that. If you wanna add tracks, you can do that. If you wanna start accessorizing your Teryx4 this is a great model. Start with there's a whole bunch of them here in stock. They haven't even been assembled yet. So you can come get them here at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports Fredericton and decorate them up the way you want in order to spend the money on the pieces that you want. That's sometimes the tough thing when you're buying various, uh, power sports things. Everybody makes you go to a certain trim line to get certain things.

And the thing with this in this, uh, sort of the trim line that we're looking at today is you can choose just the accessories you want without having to pay for things that you don't want. And I think that has value. So if you're looking for something that's fun, something that can go on the trails and something that can take your family out or you can just go out with one or two people, this is a great size point for that. Yes, you could set it up with tracks and they're pretty cool. Uh, but you know, in a vehicle like this that's really up to you and you need to have the environment to do that. Uh, these are pretty cool because like I said, they're not just winter tracks. So if I haven't answered your questions, make sure you let me know on the comments below because like I said here at Jim Gilbert's Power Sports Canada's Huggable Power Sports dealer, this is an absolutely amazing place to come buy stuff and, uh, to come talk to the staff here. They know their stuff, they're super, super friendly and they'll just take care of you. If you have questions, you can come see them in person. And again, if you have questions for me, let me know in the comments section because they allow me to come back to these vehicles and to make more and more videos to make sure I answer your questions. Thanks everybody for watching.

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