Hey everybody, it's Peter and in this video we're gonna take an in-depth look at the Teryx S, the Teryx 4 S. We're gonna look at them in various stages of completion. And here's the deal, if you are interested in these vehicles, I'm gonna be making a whole bunch more videos on these, especially as spring arrive right now, it's mid-March, there's a snowstorm outside. These happen to be inside and I was gonna do this video in a few weeks, but you know what? Let's just get it outta the way right now. If you have questions about these vehicles that I don't get to in this video, make sure you subscribe and let me know in the comments below, because I'm gonna be taking these out on Kawasaki way, which I'll tell you about in a second. It's an off-road test track here at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports and here's the thing, I'm filming at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports. I have complete access to their entire line of vehicles, whether it's power sports, whether it's vehicles, whatever it is. And I can take these any time I want out onto Kawasaki Way, which is that test track that's available to customers here at this destination store. This is Canada's number one volume Kawasaki dealer. And you can take these out on the same test track. But before I do that, I kind of want to do a quick overview of what these vehicles are. Now, I don't have 20, 20 threes in the, this might be a 2023, but I don't have 20, 20 threes in the shot. I will have 20, 20 threes that I can show you as they're being built here. But as far as I know, they are carryover vehicles. So it should be all the same stuff.

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What I'm gonna talk to you about in these ones particular is just an example of some of the things you can do to customize these up. I think these are underrated vehicles in the class. I think they're excellent and I think they really come alive when you start to accessorize them up a little bit. So these ones here, that one should be a stock, actually that one's not fully stock. We'll show you a couple things on that. This one's accessorized up. And again, we'll show you the 2023that are being built that you can have for yourself. We'll cover what we can for you. So this will be a relatively brief overview. Normally I do really, really, really in-depth stuff. So if you wanna know more about these, this is the channel for you. Let's get going with this review. So let's start with this Teryx s S or some of the people here call it, they call it the T-Rex s. Now this is a step down from the Krx 1000. That thing is wider. It is more high speed capable over huge bumps. It has massive suspension travel, but on this one still you have over 10 inches of travel front and rear, which is pretty good. This one happens to be the two passenger one. The four passenger version of this has the same wheel base, but it's a few inches longer. And it's really back here in the bed. Now the bed is actually a little bit smaller. I believe I, it's hard to tell exactly. I have to check that speck, I apologize. Uh, but the bed moves back a little bit here and you stick in. Yeah, it's definitely smaller and you stick in four passengers here. So you'll have extra seats.

We'll show you what that's like in the next one that we have just off camera here. And uh, what I like about these is they are fully trail capable. They're not that much bigger than an ATV or a, you know, traditional, um, you know, traditional four-wheeler. But they really allow a lot more versatility. They're not full working units. And I say working as in like on a farm, doing true hard work. We have the mules for that, which we can glance at in a second here. It's inside as well, but they're still fully work capable. This can tow 1300 pounds so it can move stuff around. It does have the bed here, but they're a little bit more trail friendly, sport friendly than something like the mule. It's an V twin 800 cc. It's got plenty of power for what you want to do with it.

And again, you can see them equipped up various ways. So this one's of course has the roof. We've equipped this one with a windshield, which we'll talk about in a second. Then we're gonna look at the other one here, which is really fully, fully, fully done up. So let's take a little bit closer, look at just a couple little features and try to show you some things that maybe the other videos aren't showing you. So let's start right here. Basically we're looking at what would be the back door in the four door model. Of course, in the two or in the two four passenger model. This is the two passenger model. It looks like there's a door here, but it's fixed in place. You've got a bed here as well. The bed can get out of the way, but even without moving the bed outta the way, you have these storage compartments here, which I'm trying to stay outta the shot.

They are very, very, very deep. In fact, let's just move the camera closer. Let's just stay on the same shot. Hey, we'll be a little bit, uh, a little bit, uh, unsteady here, why not? So as I look down right there, you can see that storage department that I had open. Now if I open it up here, I'll try to stay outta the shot here with my arms. It is very, very, very deep. So you have this whole area that would be the foot, well for the four passenger. That gives you a ton of space in the two passenger version here in addition to a usable bed. So let's talk about that bed for a second now as well. So if you need one unit to do it all, this is probably the one because you're gonna wanna do great trail riding and I think this is the best suited for trail riding.

So we're gonna open the bed here. You can see that's pretty simple to do down here. If it's flat, you've got the cup holders. Lemme just see if I can see that in the shot there. Uh, yeah, you can sort of see that. So there we go. You've got the cup holders in here. Let's take the wheel chalk out of here. And then of course you've got tie downs, uh, built into the bed here. So tie downs on the bottom, 1, 2, 3, 4. You do have a little bit of a drain plug in there. So if some water gets in, it can come out that way as well. And then you have the rails across here. Now, not only do you have that if you are working, you have sort of a counterbalanced uh, bed like that. So lemme just sort of see if that shot gets everything in.

Yes, you can raise that up. You can use it as a dump bed and it's very easy to access from the driver's side. Now the two door has this dump bed, the four door will not. So it's just something to keep in mind that you have a fairly large practical bed. I'll give you the dimensions on screen here of this bed of the length, width, height and that kind of thing, at least from the Kawasaki website. But again, fairly usable bed with that extra storage inside there. You do quite well, uh, with uh, what you need to do as a working unit here. Obviously the four passenger's gonna creep into this a little bit. You do have a little bit of bed moved on the back and that one won't be the dump bed. So that's something to keep in mind. While we're at the back of this unit, let's take a look at the suspension.

Now again, the suspension is carry over to whether it's a four passenger or a two passenger. And you can see this model here, fox shocks. And it's not just fox shocks, Fox piggyback shocks. So you have a number of things going on. So first of all, the reason you have this is as these are bouncing up and down quickly, it's gonna create some heat in there. It's gonna kind of decrease performance of the shock if it gets too hot. What they do is they move the heat over to here, they move the oil over there. That allows you to have um, really consistent performance. And of course Fox shocks give you a great ride overall. They're also adjustable compression adjustments up here. You can move these for preload and other things. So you can really tune the ride of this thing to be how you want.

You can soften it up, you can, you know, stiffen it up. You can kind of make it for the ride you want. And you can see really beefy components in here. So good travel, like I said, over 10 inches of suspension travel front and rear. And that kinda gives you that balanced ride over there. Everything in here, the weight is centralized, you can see even the exhaust comes out the center. So you've got everything centralized, good long arms there and you've got that hitch box. Now nice thing about this is it's a standard receiver. Uh, so you can put your uh, regular stuff in there. You can toe, like I said, up to 1300 pounds. So versatility as well as sort of playability. It can, you can work, it can play, it can really kind of do it all. And that's why this is one of my favorite uh, uh, all-wheel drive units in the Kawasaki lineup.

So we're moving over to our TerraX four s. Now this is uh, the one at Jim Gilbert's Power Sports here. This one is done up a little bit. You can see obviously windshield obviously enclosure. What you may not notice is we have enlarged the wheels on these a tiny bit. You can do that as well. It gives you a little extra ground clearance, just the same as you would do to something like a Jeep. Gives you just a little bit extra off-road ability. You can change that tread up if that's what you're looking for. So again, this one's done up as sort of a show model. It's got some funky lights on the back that are currently not lit, but we can maybe show you that a little bit later in the video. But what I wanna show you a couple things up front, first of all, no matter what level of tes you get, you can get a winch in them.

So these ones come standard on this trim level, but you can also add that. So it's built for that. Same with these crash bars, they're standard here. You can add that as well if you wanted to as well. A couple little things I like, again, Fox shocks up front here, you brake lines, they are braided steel brake lines on a motorcycle. You normally do that for feel on this. They understand how you're gonna be driving this. So you're really probably looking at some debris, um, capabilities. You know, make sure that uh, it's a little stronger if as it hits debris cuz it can go off-road and be fun. So a lot of business kind of, you know, trail side here in the front end. Let's take at the look at the lights as well. I wanna show you that because it really is interesting how they do this.

So let's just turn the vehicle to the on position for a second here. Inner and outer lights. So you have low beam lights and low beam lights and then you have high beam lights and high beam lights. Now as it's set up, both all the lights are on on this model, they're full l e d on some models you're gonna have an l e D one here and uh, ooh I think, I can't remember which one, but one will be l e d one will be halogen. Now that's something to consider, especially if you are doing a lot of winter driving. LEDs aren't gonna create any heat. These are cold to touch or at least not a lot of heat, whereas the halogen lights create some heat if you're doing things in the winter, mounting a plow, the different things like that, um, sometimes the halogen lights can be helpful in certain snowy conditions because they will help melt some of that snow.

That being said, I like the L E D lights and again, because they're both low and high beam, you really can have a lot of spread without adding any accessory light bars. But you could add accessory light bars if that's what you want 'em to do. So lots of options to add things in these. Let's take a look inside, actually just move to the side here and then we'll move our way inside. We'll look at some of the four door features as well. So we'll take a better look at this enclosure in a second. But I wanna show you one thing. It does say pull to open here. It's a little hard to read on the camera, but you can see exactly where you should grab to open now because I wanna show you this vehicle and I want the door to be outta my way.

I could pull this little Velcro tab right here. I can stick it to a little Velcro tab out the front here. And if you wanted it to just sort of stay open while you're doing something, uh, it's not hard to do. There you go. It's stayed open. And of course you have the hard doors on the bottom there. So I'm gonna grab a camera mount here. We're gonna kind of freehand through here just to show you some of the interior features on this uh, top line model. All right, so I'm gonna freehand the camera actually before we jump in, let's just show you that enclosure here. Again, the enclosure of the other one wasn't really a full enclosure. It had sort of a netted background there. Let's just see if we can get that on camera. There you go. You can see it there. So just kind of uh, keep some of the debris out there.

It's just uh, you know, I dunno if you can sort of see that netted background there. This one is more of a full enclosure, so we'll take a look at the windshield in a second here. We've got a soft top that uh, holds on uh, on top here. So again, full soft top. Let me see if I can get that on camera. Oh boy, soft top. You can see that there. And then you've got the doors, enclosures, front and rear and the full proper uh, enclosure here. Now you do have a little breather here and that's an important piece there. Uh, you don't wanna block that vent that does that is an important vent to just sort of allow air to move through there. And then this one here has a box, an enclosed box on the back. Now we're gonna talk about a few options here, uh, but that is a nice option to have to keep things sort of sealed up there.

Again, you will lose that enclosed boxes behind the front seats because you have rear seats there. We'll jump in there in a second. Let's just start with the front seat here as we roll in. So opening the door just down here. Super simple. These aren't chinsy little doors. They actually, even every door is chinsy compared to the car doors. But these are certainly a better quality than some of the competitors. Again, this is a demo model. It's got a little dirt in it, that's fine. You can see here speaker, kit down here. So we've got uh, a lot of options in here. I'm gonna dump jump in and we are gonna go full wide angle. So it'll skew the view. Oops, it'll skew the view. Oh boy. Here we go. There we go. It'll skew the view a little bit here. Uh, but you can see we've got uh, you know, nice steering wheel. It is a tilt steering wheel. So when I grab this, it's actually a two-handed affair so I'm not gonna tilt it on video here. You can see if we look down in there, there's your headlight switches. Oh boy, my camera's having trouble here. There we go. There is your headlight switches there. So we've got outer And inner right there. We'll leave 'em both off for now. We can actually, we'll turn both on so when we turn the vehicle on, uh, we can see that. So let's go back to wide angle there. There we go. Alright, moving over here is sort of the, you know, the key pieces to everything you've got here. Key is over here and then you've got four wheel drive, uh, sorry, two wheel drive, four wheel drive and the four wheel drive lock switch right there. Let's see if we can get that. There we go. You can kind of see that there. And then your display screen here, we'll turn that on a second here. 12 volt port, that standard stuff. And then you've got a whole bunch of extra accessories in here. This is your winch. This is the extra lighted whips. They've actually got a custom switch there.

I don't know if you saw those blinking in the background. Uh, inferno car or cab heater. So you've got the cab heater here. There's different styles of cab heaters you can get in the Kawasaki, um, uh, systems here. So again, with the enclosure on, you can stay a little warmer. Of course you've got the uh, stereo system in here and then just the typical stuff. Cup holders, there's your gear shifter there. Low, high, neutral and reverse right there. This is not a parking brake that is your passenger grab rail. So when you're driving down really aggressive trails, they've got a place to hang onto. And there's your parking brake right there. What I like about this is you sit nice and square so your legs are straight and they drop straight down. Very, very comfortable seats. And as you can see, you know, there's a lot of bench seats that maybe aren't as comfortable.

These are bucket seats. They hold you in place with a little bit of side bolstering in there, but they're very, very comfortable glove box in there as well. The display screen on this. Pretty simple, pretty basic stuff and that means it's also pretty durable. Uh, you've got four wheel, oh, we've got a little bit of glare there. Let's see if we can just zoom in a little bit and ignore that glare. So two wheel drive, four wheel drive. What's cool is even though if I shift this knob into four-wheel drive, let's see if we can do it right now and see if it doesn't go. Yep. So it didn't quite latch cuz we're not moving. So even though this is in four wheel drive, oh boy, having trouble seeing the focus here. There we go. Even though that's in four wheel drive, you can see over here, it will not tell, it will not tell you it's in four-wheel drive until it actually is in four-wheel drive.

Again, we just have to move a little bit forward there. You've got a fuel gauge in here. You've got, uh, let's just cycle through odometer, triple odometer, trip A, Tripp B and your hour meter and that's about it. So clock down there as well. Warning lights, all the stuff you need. So again, everything you need, nothing you don't. And durability's the key here. Heat vents up here for the heart of that heater kit. What's cool about this windshield here, let's go a little bit wide angle and uh, you can see here you've got this um, windshield. So right now it's fully sealed but if you wanna vent it out and uh, get some ventilation through here, you line up those there and you can see now I'm kind of opening them up. So you've got a really kind of versatile quick release windshield that either your passenger on this little tab here or the driver can get to, to open that up.

And then what I think is really important is this big wide angle mirror. You can see me in here and the reason I look small is because uh, it is a wide angle mirror. It's a curved mirror. Gives you a great view of what's going on behind you. If you're trail riding with other people, you need a mirror like that, it works really well. So a lot of cool things. We'll show you the headlights up here. I don't know if this is the rest best room to show it. Sometimes they're hard to film here, but, uh, there we go. So let's turn everything off. So we got outside just one layer. You can see how the high beam comes in there and then the second light there and second light there. It really does light up your trail without having to go to go to accessory lighting, which is kind of nice.

So now let's hop in the back seat. You know what, let's keep it on the same cut here. Let's keep rolling. Open the door here and jump out and we'll swing this door open again. It says pull to open right here. I'm not sure if you can see that pulled open. I'm still on wide angle. So there's those uh, flashing light bars there. Now this doesn't appear to be a ton of room here, but again that seat was perfect, comfortable for me. I can move that up. You've got a really good grab bar in here and you'll see when I jump in here, let me just kind climb up in here, try to hit my camera on anything. All right, so you can see exactly what I thought there was gonna be shut that door. There is going to be a little bit of a tight space here because this seat is a long ways back.

I can move that forward to drive. Absolutely. So I think this is in the full back position right now, but this grab bar is perfectly positioned for me to hang on anywhere. We're going back here and be out of the way. You still have a 12 volt port down here. You've got some space down there and a big center cons or big center tunnel here to bring drive trains through the back and then a nice deep well and the, there are little vents in that to drain the water out. So if you were to get in a real trail situation where you had some uh, water, mud, all that kind of stuff in there, it will come out but not really. Come in. Take a look at the front again from here. Just kind of a cool view here. Lemme just flip the camera around for one second.

What I like here is pretty simple. You've got a really comfortable captain's chair here. So again, not a bench seat. You know, you're really comfortable room for your helmet. Even with this headrest type thing here. They're, they keep that outta the way but it does go all the way up your back to give you comfort and of course a lot of room for your helmet up top so you can wear a helmet, be fully comfortable in here. And then if you can see here, the top of the seat here is well below where I am. It's well below my seat as well. You've got a theater seating so I'm not only leaning to the side here to the center to see through. I can see all the way around even with a driver in place. So even though this is a four passenger, you haven't got that crazy long wheel base, but you've got this really good view from here.

This is a fun unit to take out your friends. It's a really good, uh, unit for that reason. So you really kind of win here. Now let's show you a few other things in the 2023 models that are being constructed right now. So since everybody else is out snow plowing right now, I actually have full use of some of this shop and a couple of these are in here to be constructed. A couple of 'em are in here just because it was a storm. We wanted to keep some of the snow off so we can throw 'em right out and be ready to display them without having snow covered on them. But check out how these show up. They show up again without the roll bar. I think these might have been added. Uh, they're in a little crate here, they're well protected and they're mostly assembled, right?

We're just gonna put the uh, roll cage on. You can see here it is, Cummings comes with that winch there with that suspension out like that. And then back here you can kind of take a look at everything that's going on inside. So let's just quickly show you that again, this is the four passenger model. So it's got the two seats there. You can see uh, the back rest still have to be added. This one doesn't. Oh it does have the extra speakers as well. So you have that there. Down here you can start to see a better look at the floor area. So this is that Floor area of the four, uh, passenger, but it would be a little bit more, uh, the same type of space in the two passenger there. And then you can kind of take a look at everything back here from the top side, which I think is just a cool view. You can really see those shocks there. There's that compression uh, adjustment right there. And uh, if we can zip around here, you can see the adjustment on uh, right there. So you've really got, you know, easy to work with stuff. Again, you can reach all that stuff from uh, from outside and again, again big wheels here but you can upsize 'em if you want to. So that one and this one are together. This one here has a uh, the box, uh, sort of already half assembled. So there are different levels of assembly here. And then I do have a mule here just because I want to point it out.

The mule is another option, it's a little bit wider. It's a six passenger instead of a four passenger. So this is the pro, uh, oh boy pro F X t. Gotta make sure I get those uh names right cuz you can't say that again. Anyways, it's got a similar style bed here and you can see there's got a little container here that latches onto those side rails. This same container would work on the Teryx  as well. What's cool about this one is although it has a second row seat that we're looking at right here, it actually has sort of an accordion fold out bed so you can lengthen that bed and uh, do that as well. So you've got options here with the mule as well. If you're looking for something that will take your passengers and that kinda thing. I believe there are about nine different mule models forgetting the trim lines within that.

Uh, there's only a few, uh, different uh, uh, well four of these. There's the two door and four door of this on the TerraX and then there's the Krx 1000 and then there's trim lines within that. So although there's only a few models of these, there are lots of options for whatever you're looking for in a side-by-side type vehicle in the Kawasaki lineup. So let's wrap this one up. Uh, explain what's coming next. So there is still a lot more to talk about with these two units and I mentioned off the top that there is Kawasaki way. Now if you've never heard of it or can't Google find it, it's because it's here at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports. We have an off-road test track here at Canada's number one volume Kawasaki dealer where you can come and take these demo units off-road to get a sense of what they're like.

It's just part of the process here. This is a real destination store. It's known as  Canada's huggable PowerSports dealer. They're an absolute leader for a reason and I'm gonna be able to take these out on that trail to show you some trail riding. So this is just an introductory to these 2023 models and if you have questions, I'm hoping that you'll let me know when the comments below so that when I'm making those videos I can make sure that I'm answering the questions you want and we can build a little database of information here. I can keep coming back to these vehicles again and again and again to make sure that you get the information that you need to figure out if these things are best for you. So I wanna thanks everybody for watching and like I said, hit the subscribe button because we're gonna have more of this and uh, I wanna make sure that you see what we've got and especially if I can answer your questions. Thanks everybody for watching.

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