Traditionally when you think of taking 4 people off-roading, you think of one type of vehicle. Well, times are changing. Traditions change. And now there's a new option. This is the Kawasaki KRX 4. It is an absolute monster and it is an absolute leader off-road. Far better than that. Let's talk about it in detail in this video.

Hey, everybody, it's Peter, and I'm here at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports, where we have our first look, complete walk around review, of this Teryx KRX 4 eS Special Edition 1000. It's a long name, it's the top of the line four passenger KRX 4. It's kind of amazing. And that is my personal Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe. That weighs like 5,000 pounds, is designed for rock crawling, and it's designed from the ground up as a road going vehicle. This can do it all. It's designed from the ground up to be an off-road vehicle with no intentions of handling road worthy things and that makes it way, way better.

So here's how it works. There's no way I'm going to answer every possible question that you have about this vehicle in this video, but I do ask that you subscribe because we're going to come back to this vehicle over and over again. We're going to do a full technology review, where we look at the dash and every menu in there. We're going to talk about that live suspension and show you how it works in detail. There's so much to talk about other than a brief walk around of this video, so I hope I can earn your subscription so you can come back to this channel. Ask questions in the comments, we'll put those answers on future videos, because there's no way that you're the only one with that same question.

From here you can watch Peters Video or Read What he says the choice is your enjoy... this is a great review ether way... 

Let's look at this thing in more detail now. So let's start by looking at just the basics. Tires are the most important thing on any off-road vehicle and you've got great ones here. Unlike my Jeep, these have real off-road treads, which can clear mud, which can make sure you don't get stuck. And I can tell you from experience driving a Jeep off road mud is a concern. When you go through these water holes and that kind of thing, you want to make sure you don't get stuck. Well these are going to make sure that you don't, along with a whole bunch of other things built into this.

These are 31 inch tires on 15 inch rims, disc brakes, cool kind of gold metallic kind of flake inside there with the sort of silver traditional front in here. And these are going to work really well, along with your Fox suspension. Now we're going to talk more about suspension in a second because it is absolutely adjustable, electronically adjustable, but just the basics are here. Let's talk about the really long travel suspension, that matters when you're going higher speed, you want to have a good amount of travel. And you've got the piggyback shocks, which means that basically this piece here, by being separate from the shock for simplistic non-scientific answer, that can help with the heat. So shocks as they compress and come in and out, they are going to create heat, which is going to degrade performance. This allows you to take that heat, put it up here, which means that these are going to have consistent performance the whole way through.

Everything else you see in here is absolutely beefy. It could absolutely take a pounding, and you can go over things at a higher rate of speed than you can in something like a Jeep. It Also weighs to significantly less than something like my Jeep. And when you look underneath it, it's nothing but skid plates the entire way through, or at least a smooth panel. So When you get into these things and you maybe touch something, again, you've got tremendous ground clearance, but if you touch something, it's not the end of the world. You can crawl through. You can kind of abuse this far more than something Like a road going vehicle like a Jeep.

We've also got pretty cool headlights out here. Let's take a look at the front end and we'll show you some of the details there. Take a look out front. One thing that doesn't film very well is these bright white LED sort of marker lights. You've also got headlights up here with a double click switch. We'll go headlights right there. We'll go high beams right there. You've got LED lights, which are insanely bright with a nice sharp cutoff. So again, you can always add light bars to something like this, but you've got a great base to start right here.

Turning those off, you can also see on the front side you've got the Warren winch that pulls all kinds of weight. I think it's 35 or 4,500 pounds, excuse me, as I'm learning this vehicle myself for the first time here as well. We'll put the correction on screen here for you. But you've got the winch down there, which is really important because it just gives you the confidence to go wherever you want to go, if you have trouble, if you get a little stuck, you've got a way to pull yourself out.

And the one big thing that I think people forget is you've got really good cooling set back in here. So the mud's going to splash on the plastic grill, your radiator takes air from here all the way through, and you're going to keep some of that mud from building up on that radiator just by the way this is designed out here. It's aggressive looks, it's also functional. You don't want a ton of mud building up on the rad, and now you've got the ability to, just with the design differences, keep some space there and allow you to just keep going no matter what.

Coming to the back, I'm about six feet tall, so at six feet tall you can see sort of a reference point for how tall this vehicle is. Air intakes up here with a dust screen on the front. That means that you're not sucking in water, sucking in all kinds of stuff from the front end to get the air into the motor, which means you have a whole bunch of ground clearance. You can go really deep in the water. And, of course massive, massive shocks here. All kinds of adjustment in here. And again, like we said, they're electronically adjustable as well, so we'll talk about that.

Piggyback shock, same thing here, same tires back here. All your engine, transmission, everything built in there and centrally located, tight to the middle, tight, compact. So everything's kind of where you need it to be, out of the way, so you can really go off-road.
And again, we mentioned this earlier, that real long swing arm here, almost like a motorcycle, gives you the real good ability to take on things at a higher speed and really crash into them. Even little details here, you probably can't see it from the way I'm filming right now, but there's a sort of a mud guard here, a dirt guard, dust guard in front of the shock where it compresses to keep the stones and rocks out of that area as it's compressing and coming back. So a ton of thought put into the details of the design, and you're going to notice that when you ride it.
Coming along the back here, a lot of you are going to add accessories back here to hold your gear. If you just leave it as is, you've got tie down points, you've got the roll guards, you've got extra points in the tie down to keep everything tied down. One of the things I really kind of like is there's grooves down here that lead to grooves out here, which means any water, dirt, whatever that comes in the back can just drift right out the back, come right through the back without any issues at all.

You've also got the LED lights back here, so LED lights front and rear. It's going to make you more visible and they just look cool. And the roll bar comes right out from the back cargo area. This is all part of the sound system that is in this top of the line model. This holds about 350 pounds, which is plenty of weight for off-roading. If you've ever off-road with a whole bunch of gear in the back, you don't want a ton of weight anyway, so 350 pounds weight capacity back here, give or take, is all you need for four people.

Now let's take a look inside at some of the features in there. Now of course when you talk about the inside of a vehicle like this, it's still very much outside. But one thing you're going to notice is when you open these doors, they're a lot more automotive quality. They're nice and thick, they've got some feel to them. They're not just chintzy plastic. You could jump up into the seat here. I'm going to turn the vehicle back off so we don't drain the battery. You've got really wide opening doors. There is an armrest in the door, they feel solid, they mount a speaker in there. There's obviously the frames in there, but you still feel very open. So while you're protected here up by the shoulder, you're still very open. Visibility's fantastic.

You've got the tight steering wheel here, which we're going to show you some of that in the details here. But as a six footer sitting here, you've got a nice dead pedal right there, gas and brake, of course, steel pedals, you've got drain plugs in the floor, so if you need to drain anything out, no problem, you can do that. And the seatbelt as well. The seat's very adjustable, so if you're shorter or taller you can move forward or back. So all the way back is right there, that's further back than I need to reach the gas pedal, so we'll put it right where I would have it as a six footer, and just really comfortable seats.

Now, the fabric itself is not really fabric, it feels very rubbery to me. So there's different patterns to it. We'll show you that in just a second here. But very comfortable seat, lots of padding, lots of support side to side, laterally as well, which you're going to need as you're going back and forth. And of course at six feet tall, even wearing a helmet, there's just ... I mean, you're going to fit in here, it doesn't matter who you are. Shaq might have a little bit of a tough squeeze, but other than Shaquille O'Neal, the rest of us are going to fit here no problem. There's tons of space here.

So let's take a look at some closer details here. Take a look again at that fabric. There's lots of different patterns here. So you have a carbon fiber looking weave, which, again, feels rubbery to the touch, and then you have a sort of sandpapery kind of rubber feel on here, and then a separate rubbery feel on there. All of this is very weather resistant, all of this is very rain resistant, water resistant, but also very nice. Sort of a leathery feel up here by the labels there.

So again, that texture and the materials themselves give a lot of grip to you, as well as the seat design. So it's a seat designed for comfort, for support, but also the texture's going to support you.

You do have a tilt wheel here. You can flip that. I'd need to have two hands, and I've got one hand on the camera right now. Your headlight switch, just a simple switch. It is a one for the headlights, two for the high beams, and then down there for off. Let's show you what it looks like when you turn on. Let's shut the door here and jump in. And now I'm in the sunshine. These are hard screens to see in the sunshine, right? Well let me show you. They don't film well, but you can very easily make everything you see here. We're going to show you how this works there.

Hit select. There is your dash. Now, this is an amazing dash to work with. So there's a lot to see here. Gear indicator of course is in neutral right now and that can be switched right down here with the automotive style gear shift, high gear, low gear, neutral, reverse. They give you all the instructions you need. Don't shift unless you're stopped from high to low gear kind of thing. And then you've got a whole bunch of controls in here.

Now again, we're going to do a full technology review, because if I hit, for instance, the menu button here, we'll just sort of go into the menu, come back there. There's all kinds of things to show you in here. If you want to see what's all in here, subscribe, because we'll have a video on that in the minute or in a future video. So we'll select back to the meters.

So tachometer up here, so you can see what your engine is doing, how far you're revving. Clear speedometer. Down here you've got right now water temperature showing. I'm pretty sure you can change that around as well. Full power or low power. So you can set it in L for low power down there if you have somebody that's newer driving or just if you want to sort of dial back the power a little bit. And see a transmission temperature above that. Odometer down there. Says 30 degrees ... Oh, that's the water temperature. I was going to say, that's not the outside temperature.

And then you've got the Kawasaki electronic controlled suspension. I might have messed that up. But KECS, that is basically to do with the suspension. That is, like I said, electronically controllable. We'll get to that in just one second. Fuel gauge in there and drive mode. Right now we're in two wheel drive.

So let's talk about some of those controls there. And actually, why don't we just show you. We'll go into the suspension monitor right here. So we'll switch down here, we'll show you how I'm doing this in a second. We're going to select it there. And this is a screen you can have as well. There's lots of screens here. So right now it's in the most firm position. What we're going to do is we're going to switch it over here on this little... My camera mount's in the way. That little gray switch right there. What I like is your gray switch is here, your black switch is there. Black switch is two wheel drive, four wheel drive, and four wheel drive lock. The gray switch is suspension. So at a glance you know which one you're using, not just from location but also from the color of the switch

So we're going to switch back to normal and you can see it right there. We're going to switch back to soft and you can do it right there. So as you dial up your speed, you may want to firm up the suspension, you may want to do that for different ride characteristics, but you can just switch it literally by the flick of this switch down here, and I think that's just kind of brilliant there.

There's your low power mode or your high power mode that we just showed you there. And these controls here, the select and the return, this looks like a touch screen, but of course you don't want to stick your hands through the center of the dash to be a touch screen. It is not a touch screen. It is a large screen though. There's my hands up against it. I don't remember the spec on that, I'll have to double check that, but there's quite a large display in there. Crystal clear, even when sunshine's right on it, which is what you're having right now. Very easy to see speeds up there. And again, you're controlling that all down here. Up and down on the menus, select and return on the menus there.

We're going to go back to the dash here by just hitting return and we're going to go up to the meters and select, or gauges, as I like to call them, but whatever it is. So there you have sort of your main display. Over here, this one has the stereo system that you want, so Bluetooth, AM, FM. I don't remember if it has satellite, we'll have to double check that a little bit later. And you have a storage spot up here, so you can do a USB port right there. This does close up with a little rubber attachment right there, but we're going to leave it open for us.

And you can see you have a sort of spongy style gasket in here to keep some water resistance when you put your phone up there and you're playing your music if you are wired connected or charging or anything else. And of course it does have a Bluetooth connection as well, which you can use there.

Down here there's another 12 volt outlet there. There's another glove box behind this handle, which we'll talk about in a second. So glove box there. Nice thick manual, some reading material that you'll have. And of course this handle is adjustable. That is your passenger hang on handle, that is something to keep them in the spot where you need to have them. This one here, in the passenger side door, you have a little bottle holder down there below the speakers, the driver's side door, let's just keep coming back around that, sorry for the terrible camera work. You have the speaker but no bottle holder. And that just allows you as a driver to keep your legs exactly where you want to keep them to also keep your foot on the gas and on the brake. Simple, simple stuff. Deep cup holders down there. And again, one thing I didn't show you is the automotive style hand brake, parking brake right there.

Now let's jump in the back seat and talk about some of the space and features back there. So I'm going to stay here with the free handing camera. I apologize for the slight shakiness that you'll see. But you've got big wide opening doors here, so a nice sort of square opening here. Although it does angle in there, it doesn't affect you at all getting in, your seat comes out there. And again, remember I'm about six feet tall, I'm sitting behind myself now, I'll show you in a second how much room I have. There's your floorboards, floor panels. You've got the grip built in, you don't need an extra mat for that. Drain plugs there as well. And again, the same seat fabric, same seat style down here. And these seats are really, really good. So let me just show you that as we hop in.

All right, sitting here, again, headrest is right there. It has lots of room to have a helmet on and still not be pushing you forward. So you've got some protection there if you do have to sort of slam your head back in off-roading type things. Again, room for that helmet, but good protection there. And again, headroom is just absolutely insane back here, so it doesn't matter how tall you are back here, you're going to fit. Leg room is one thing that's really, really impressive. So again, six footers sitting behind a six footer. There's a lot of cars that don't have this kind of space. And I should maybe flip the camera around to show you the foot space. We'll do that in just a second. But overall, you've got this bar that reaches right across the entire vehicle so the rear passengers can adjust their hand position and put their hand on that for just sort of hanging on.

All right, I got some sun glare and some dust flying around the camera here, but there are my size elevens. You can see there's lots of room here. Lots of toe room as well, so if you're wearing bigger boots or rubber boots or something like that, you've got all kinds of room to move around here. And it's very comfortable back here. You've got some space down here if you want to put maybe a phone or something like that, something that's not going to jiggle around too much. You've got cup holders for both rear seat passengers, and, again, another sort of spot for a phone. Again, those are the kind of things you may or may not want to keep out, depending on the way you're riding. But if you want to keep a camera handy, your rear passengers have a place to set those down and keep them steady as well.

Rear passengers aren't left out of the speakers. They got speakers in the doors there as well. Automotive handles on the insides, so you don't have to reach around to the outside. And a little taller doors back here. So you can see again, as you sort of look at the driver's shoulder, the rear doors come up. So a little bit more mud and other protection, you're going to stay a little cleaner in this as well as staying put.

There's look at the front dash again from the backseat here. Again, really simple but really advanced controls here. And like I said, the electronics are something I want to get into in the future.

So of course that's just a brief introduction of the Kawasaki Teryx KRX 4 eS Special Edition 1000. The top of the line vehicle.

What else do you want to know? Do you want me to show the paint color up close and in person? Do you want to know more about the electronics, which we've already planned to do? Should we talk more in depth about the suspension, the engine, all kinds of things? You let me know the kinds of questions that you have. There's no questions that are too silly, although I'm sure the internet will prove me wrong on that. But ask me the questions you want to know about this vehicle so that I can make more videos to help you know more and hopefully earn your subscription for the Kawasaki product line.

Again, if you want to see this vehicle in person, it is now here at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports here in Fredericton, New Brunswick. This is a destination store. Just a few years ago, they picked up the Kawasaki line and right away became the top volume selling Kawasaki dealer in the country. It's an amazing story. You got to come check them out. And again, let me know if you want to know more. Subscribe to see the next videos that we're going to do on this. And we'll talk to you again in the next one.

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