- A superbike for the water!

Hey everybody, it's Peter, and in this video we are gonna review in depth the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra310x. Now I know what you're thinking. I wanna see this thing on the water, not some guy in a showroom talking about it. But what I'm gonna do in this review is show you a lot of the details that they don't show you in some of the other reviews because they're too busy showing you, you know, it whipping through the water. If you wanna see this thing on the water, make sure you subscribe because I'm filming here at Jim Gilbert's Power Sports. And this is not the only video I'm gonna do here. I'm gonna be fully upfront with you. I am not a jet ski expert, but there are a whole bunch of people here that are, and my goal today is to show you things in this video that again, other videos aren't showing you.

And then if you have questions or comments or things you wanna see, I'm gonna come back. We're gonna go on the water with this. We're gonna show you it on the water and we're gonna make sure we really kind of fill out all the information that you want. So again, if you're interested in this, hit subscribe. We're gonna do a future video on the water, but in this video we're just gonna show you some of the things that we can't show you if we're just zipping down the river. So let's get going with this in-depth review. So the first thing I wanna talk about is just the general whole design of what this is. Again, showing on the water is gonna be one thing, but I think you should know that a lot of manufacturers can build something like a jet ski that goes over smooth water.

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And frankly that's what some of them do and they just build stuff that's great for smooth water, great for small lakes and that kind of thing. What's cool about jet ski is they make these for any type of water, salt water, fresh water, and especially for rougher water. And that's really what sets it apart from some of the other competitors is if you've got something that's only good on, you know, mild ripples on the water, then yay, that's great. But this thing can go out, you can have a blast in it if the weather turns on you, whether you're in the ocean, whether you're in a big lake, a small river, wherever you are, this thing can handle it and you've got a whole ton of power. So we've got this really advanced HU design really made to go fast over really rough water, which is rare.

And then you've got the motor in here, motor's a 1.5 liter give or take, but it's supercharged. And if you don't know anything about supercharging, turbocharging, anything else, supercharging of course adds extra power. We kind of all know that turbocharging is another option, but turbocharge has turbo leg. Supercharger is instant, which means you get Ely monstrous power out of this and it is an absolute blast. The thing with this model overall is it's built with a lot of the luxury features of the top end of the class, but it's designed to be fun. It's not just a spec sheet filler, it's designed from the ground up or the water up to be a whole lot of fun. So whether it's the engine, whether it's the hu, whatever it is, you've got that built in here for great performance. That's all stuff you know, that's all stuff you can see in the other videos. What I wanna do is start digging into some of the practical details of this to show you things that you're not gonna see in the other videos. So let's just start with some of the storage. So we're gonna show you storage in a second. It's up here and it's up here. But I wanna point out a couple things. This is not the fully top Of the line version. The full next top of the line will have some driving lights in here. It'll have the stereo, which you could add to this. And it also has a backup camera, which again you can add to this. So you're gonna find some features on this, that one maybe are missing from the very top of the line. But again, you've got the same hole design, so that's where your backup camera could go there. So there are a few features missing from this and like I said, you can add them either as options or you can move up a trim level and get some of those involved like in there as well. First thing I wanna show you is just some of the basic storage here. So this is really nice because you can reach this from the cockpit area, from the driver's area here.

So again, hard to show you this overall size of all these things, but good size storage right in here. You've got a nice gasket to keep some of the water out there. This one's open, we're gonna go around the other one in a second. So just remember that the other one has an extra piece in here, we'll show you that, but that's kind of open. We're gonna open up the front here. Of course, this is more to be reached when you're uh, at the dock, but of course massive storage in there. Lots of storage, like really good. Uh, again, hard to show you everything in there, but you know all the space you could possibly need. And of course your fuel cap is right there here. So if you're driving this on the trailer, this is uh, driver's side fuel cap. So that's the same as many, many vehicles, especially any trucks or anything that you'll be towing this with.

If you're towing this, the wet weight is just around a thousand pounds without the trailer and that includes, uh, pretty much a full tank of fuel. So, uh, easily towable by all kinds of vehicles. And same thing with trailers. If you're looking for a trailer, Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals, Jim Gilbert's Powers Sports can set you up with whether it's a single trailer, dual trailer, whatever you need, we can get that all sorted out for you as well. Gonna come around the other side here and just show you that extra storage component right here as we uh, swing away this little tag there. I was gonna get that outta the way. Alright, let's uh, take a look. So let me go wide angle for a second here. So I'm gonna skew the view just to sort of get it here, but you have the same style storage container on this side as the other side.

This is when I said I had something a little extra if you would get the stereo that would be in here, but without, you still have an extra sort of gasketed area here that is inside this gasketed area here. So this is a gasket and this is a gasket here. So you have that little extra space to put maybe your keys, maybe your wallet, whatever else you need that just gives you a little bit extra water protection. So what we're gonna do next is we're gonna hop on, there's a digital TFT display here, which is really, really excellent. We're gonna show you some of the features there. So I'm gonna take my shoes off and we're gonna hop up here on this and take a look at some of the features as we get up there. So I'm gonna approach it from behind to board it, uh, on this little stand here.

But before we do it, let's just take a look at what we've got back here. A whole bunch of little things. Obviously your tie downs for your trailer, if you're driving this in salt water, there's your uh, rinse, uh, right over here. You can uh, take care of all that so you can clean out really quickly whether it's salt water or regular water. And then you've got a nice little things here. So first of all, I'm gonna board with this and I wanna show you one thing that's pretty cool. I'm gonna jump up here, put all my weight on it and you can see that is all my weight on there and it is easily strong enough on this boarding ladder to take care of all the weight. So I'm about 175 pallets. Obviously you can do even more than that. Then you've got extra little grips down here to get on the grip here to get on.

And then of course you have your little toe hook here. This thing can tow without any problems. It's got tons of power and you can tuck your toe rope in underneath this area here. So you've got all that right there. Let's just jump up and walk across here. So I'm hold onto here and it is a three passenger. Let's go full width there. So we're gonna go wide angle again just to kind of show you. I'm gonna walk down the center so I can sit down on the seat and show you what it looks like here. Now this might be a two per two-handed operation, so I might have to do this, uh, with some assistance here, but this is a tilt, um, handlebar. I was gonna say tilt steering wheel, but of course it's not a steering wheel, it's just a handlebar. So lemme just see if I can do this.

I think, yeah, we're gonna have to second hand down there. Alright, so we've lowered it down to a lower position and there are several settings in between there. So that's something worth noting here. The other thing I really like here is you can see that there is a mirror right over here. Let's just zoom in back in again. Both mirrors are wide angle and they're very well positioned. I am sitting farther back. I'm in the second of three seats right now just to give you a bit of a view here. So the fact that I'm in the shot shouldn't skew your idea. You can see here if I sit where I should be, you have a really wide view there, Zack, walking through the mirrors there and Zack will come over here through the mirrors there probably. Oh, there he is. See, there he is. All right. Zack's one of the sales guys that can help you out. But those mirrors are really good. And again, both wide angle mirrors. So what we're gonna do here is we're gonna take the two keys. Now there is one key for a slower sort of learning key, uh, that of course, uh, slows us down and makes this, uh, reasonable for beginners, which is what I should be driving with. But because I'm indoors today, and we're gonna use this key here and bear with me, I gotta take a peek where I'm doing. Alright, so we're gonna turn it on. It's gonna beep at us a little bit here. And this is when that TFT display comes alive. Now what I'm doing here, it's not a touchscreen. There are handles down here or buttons down here that I can use control. So I'm gonna hit okay here.

It's not angry. It's a little unhappy with me because uh, I didn't start it. I'm doing, uh, you know, things aren't land as opposed to in the water. So it's sensing, hey, things aren't right right now. Let's just see if we can zoom in here a little bit here. Oh, maybe we can come back. Let's see. Oops. All right, so we'll try to be as steady as we can here. This TFT display. First of all, screens don't film well. So I want to be clear that the clarity of this screen is fantastic. You can read it in daylight, you can read it, uh, you know, in at nighttime, whatever you want. And there's all kinds of stuff here, some of which I won't be able to change without starting it up. And obviously sitting in the showroom here, I'm not gonna start it up, but you've got good information.

So you've got forward reversed and a neutral setting here, which you can tell exactly what, uh, what position you're in or what gear you're in, I guess is sort of one way to think of that. You do have a compass over here. Compass is really just helpful on the water just to get a sense of, you know, which way was home, which way is, uh, going out. And then you've got your dry modes here, your trim down there. We can try to adjust some of those in your power mode. So let's just change, change your power mode down there for a second. Uh, FPO is full power, then you've got a medium, then you've got low, and then you've got slow, which is like a wake free zone. You can do that. You can uh, play with that right there. Showroom here, apparently it's only 66 degrees, so it's a little cooler in here. Of course that can be set to um, Celsius as well if that's what we want. You've got a clock in there

Actually that might be, yeah, sorry, That's oil temperature, outside temperature 68 degrees. So you've got monitor your engine, that kind of thing. And there's a number of settings you can cycle through here. Uh, you can also dig into a menu system where you can look at things like if you had the backup camera installed, you'd have your backup camera showing here. Uh, you can control all kinds of things right there. Coming down here, I'm just gonna show you the controls here. Let's, uh, there's a start button out there. I'm not gonna touch that button right now, although it would not start right now if it's uh, not set up to go. Let's just come right back out here, zoom out, let's go full wide angle here. Down here you can see your stop button right there. And then you've got your trim adjustments here so you can adjust your trim right from your left side here, the mode button all there.

Again, everything's easy to reach. Uh, simple, simple stuff. And jumping across here, what I really like is you have your cruise control. So again, electronic cruise control kind of set up the same way a motorcycle would be. Um, very easy to use. And then if you look down here, you have your reverse and you can see that this is actually tied together so you can get to it reverse and uh, you can help, uh, slow you down as well. Um, and I, oh, I forgot the name of it right now off the top of my head, but I'll flash it on the screen, the actual brand name of how this works of course. So, uh, what that does is just allows you to redirect that jet and uh, help you with parking. This thing help you with uh, slowing down, change in direction, everything you need, super easy and you control again, if I had the right hand on here, you could use your thumb if I had my right hand instead my right hand on the camera. Or you can use your trigger finger. So very, very easy to control. You're very in command down here. There are some cup holders out front there, you can see left and right and of course a nice clear View over the bow. Easy, easy to See. So let's just step back for a second and again, we should show you some of the controls in here. Oops, they just shut itself off. There we go. It doesn't like that I'm sitting there on it without starting it up. So it closed down on me already automatically. But you have this control here, which is a select by pressing and then you can, uh, also move through the controls there and that's what's gonna control this, uh, display So really simple, Easy to use, but a lot of good information in there.

So before I talk about who this is for, let's just point out that there's a lot of things I didn't point out and I will be doing that other video on the water with this and then probably someone else driving this Thing so you Can really see what it's all about. But let me know in the comments below this video the types of things you wan Me to include in a Future review of this. Because Again Watercraft and jet skis, It's not my first Thing, it's not the thing I know best. Usually I'm a little bit better with the motorcycles, so I wanna know what you wanna know to make sure that we give you the information you need. So let me know that. But now let's talk about who this is for. Well obviously this is a premium unit. It may not be best for your first Unit. The really, the Good way to look at this, especially me who thinks of motorcycles first. This is like your ultra superbike. This is gonna be one of the fastest things on the water and it is very accessible power. It's very easy to operate that full power. It will accelerate Like nothing else. And of course, like We said, that hole design is that Advanced hole design that can Really handle that power and handle those waves. But that much speed may not always be for everyone. So you've got that slow key so you can drop it in if you were teaching rider to use this. However, the performance of this is a lot and that's a lot of fun for some people. For a lot of people this is what they dream about. But it also gives you the option to take three people, take your towables, you know, you can take it out. And the whole idea of this is, this is about all kinds of fun in a premium unit. Again, there is a step up from here which is gonna give you things like that driving light, a different color package. It's gonna give you the backup camera standard. It's gonna give you the stereo standard. Some of those things you can add to this unit.

So you could equip this up if you just wanted the stereo on this or if you just wanted that backup camera. Little things like that you can add. Uh, but there is another step up. But as far as the hull and the motor, this is as premium as it gets from Kawasaki. And of course Jet Ski is a very well known brand for a big reason. They are all about performance the same way you think of a Kawasaki ninja, that's the way you should think of a jet ski. These are awesome performance. So if you wanna know more, let me know the kinds of things that you wanna know so I can do some research. Pull in some people here that are way more familiar with this than me and we can make sure we continue to fill out this information. Sort of a database of information on this and we can make future videos to give you everything you need to know. Remember, I'm filming here at Jim Gilbert's PowerSports. This is in the showroom right now. We are filming mid-March and the showroom is packed with all kinds of things for summer. So if you want to get into this, you can make sure you reach out to them and, uh, you put your name on this and make it yours for this summer. Thanks everybody for watching.

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